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Last year, when I was taking my baby steps into the world of crochet and amigurumi, I was astounded by the sheer volume of patterns and tutorials offered for free by the ever generous crafting community. Thanks to these wonderful people, I was able to learn this new craft and enjoy countless hours of crafting bliss. Today is the day I contribute to the community that has given me so much.

Ladies and gentlemen who crochet, I give you *drum rolls please* Amy, the amigurumi doll, my very first amigurumi design :D Amy-Amigurumi2_TalesOfTwistedFibers BeFunky_Amy-Amigurumi-sd-rd_TalesOfTwistedFibersAmy is 6 ½ inches tall and loves Spring. Now that the Winter’s over and the woolens have gone back to where they hibernate for the rest of the year, Amy is thrilled. She’s dumped her boring coat and heavy boots and is now rocking her white peasant top, sweet Mary Janes, and her new “Spring hair makeover”. BeFunky_Amy-Amigurumi5-rd_TalesOfTwistedFibersAmy-Amigurumi_back-rd_TalesOfTwistedFibers

If you like Amy and want to give this amigurumi pattern a try, you can download the print-friendly PDF below.

DOWNLOAD PATTERN Amy-Amigurumi_bx-rounded_TalesOfTwistedFibers

Update (May 26, 2013)

CORRECTIONS (The following corrections have not been made to the pdf yet.)
Shoes & Legs: Round 5 – (sc1 sc2, dec 1) around. (12)
Body: Round 28: Change to white skin color and sc around. (15)
Arms: Round 4: (sc3, dec 1) twice, sc 2 (8)

A few words on Using, Sharing And Selling this Amy Doll: 

USING: I designed this doll for you. So I encourage you to use this pattern and make little Amys for yourself, your friends and your family. I’d be thrilled if you drop me a line (along with your link); I’ll make sure to give your Amy a mention on my blog.

SELLING: Unless you happen to run a sweatshop somewhere, I don’t mind if you sell your dolls made from this pattern. In fact, I’d be stroked if you did. I’d also like it very much if you mentioned somewhere in the description of the doll that it’s made from a “Twisted Fibers original design”. I’d love to hear from you and see your Amys. Send me your link and I’ll give your online shop a mention on my blog.

SHARING: You can pin any image of this doll on Pinterest or give your blog readers a heads up regarding the availability of this free pattern by using any of these images, followed by a link to my blog. Sharing is loving. So go ahead and share the love :D

DON’T: Please do not sell this pattern or publish it in its entirety on any website because that would make me very sad and force me to send my ninjas after you.

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