A. I want to translate one of your patterns in my language. How do I go about this?

These are the basic rules I ask every translator to follow while translating and sharing my patterns.

  1. Before translating the pattern, please get in touch with me for permission here. Even if you have previously translated any of my patterns, a fresh permission is required every time you want to translate a new pattern.
  2. After you get my permission to translate and share my pattern, please make sure you include the following information in your blog post:

a. Mention the original name of the pattern and the link to the original pattern.

b. Mention somewhere in your post, ideally before the beginning of the translation, that “this is an original pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers”.

c. Mention that this is a translation authorized by the designer.

d. If you use any of the images I’ve posted on my blog, please include this at the bottom of the image – “Photo courtesy: Tales of Twisted Fibers”.

e. At the end of your blog post, include this information and link the highlighted words with the URLs provided:
This pattern was designed by Tales of Twisted Fibers to highlight Animal Nepala not for profit organization that works for the welfare of abused and homeless animals in Nepal. Animal Nepal runs two sanctuaries for abused and injured homeless/working animals besides leading the campaign for animal rights in Nepal. If you liked this free pattern, would you please consider making a small donation to Animal Nepal? You can help them by making your donations here {animalnepal.wordpress.com/donations/}.

3. Once you post the pattern along with all the details on your blog, please email me the following details:

a. your name or the name you use on your blog
b. your blog link containing the translated pattern
c. the language in which it is translated

I will use this information on my blog to credit you as the authorized translator and send readers to your blog or website.

B. I want to translate your pattern and share it with craft group (on a social media site) but I do not have a blog/website. What should I do?

If you do not have a blog or website but want your Facebook followers/group to be able to read the pattern in your language, please get in touch with me regarding the pattern you want to translate. Once you have obtained my permission, you can translate the pattern and mail it to me. You will also need to include all information mentioned above in Section A, point 2 (a – e) in your pattern file. I will then post your translation on my blog along with the original pattern and credit you as the translator. You can then share this link on your Facebook.

C. Can I share the PDF of your pattern on Facebook?

I do not allow sharing of my original patterns or their translations in their entirety on social media sites. Doing so infringes copyright. What you can do instead is share the link to the original post on my blog.