The Dance of the Snow Lion

It’s adventure time, folks! Join me for the Crochet Along Adventures CAL where we take you around the world and introduce you to fun, travel themed amigurumi characters that we have created for you. On this adventure with me are designers Lovloops, Lemon Yarn Creations, and hosts Whimsical Yarn Creations & Pink Tomato Crochet. Head over to for more details.

For this CAL, I’ll be taking you to Sikkim, a tiny Himalayan state located in North East India, where you’ll meet Singhi, the Snow Lion. This design was inspired by Singhi Chham [or the dance of the snow lion], a popular folk dance of Sikkim.

For the Sikkimese, the mythical snow lion represents the snowy range of Khangchendzonga, a mountain that is sacred to the locals. Fun Fact: Mount Khangchendzonga [or ‘Kanchenjunga’, as it is more commonly spelled] is the third highest peak in the world.

During the Singhi Chham, dancers don the snow lion costume and put on an exuberant, playful show. Each snow lion consists of two dancers, the first making up the head and the forelegs while the second dancer forms the torso and the hind legs.

This dance is performed during Pang Lhabsol, a festival dedicated to Mount Khangchendzonga. If you are lucky enough to be in Sikkim at the right time, you just might catch a pair of these mythical beasts dancing in the streets. 😁

The book featured in this photo is Khangchendzonga: Sacred Summit by Pema Wangchuk & Mita Zulca

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