A Trip Home

Greetings and salutations!

To rectify my failure to post anything on this blog for more than a month, I’ve brought peace offerings—in the form of photographs 😀 But first, let me explain my long absence. First, there was work—lots of it!— the kind that brings home the bacon, and also the kind that involves hooks and needles. And as soon as we wrapped up our work, P and I packed our bags and off we went to Gangtok to visit my mom 😀

And my mom had some amazing crafty goodness to show me! 1. Mom's-Yarn-FlowersCheck out these flowers she’s made with yarn. Aren’t they amazing! There were lots of them but I managed to take photographs of only a few. I’m an idiot, I know 😦2. Mom's amigurumi knitted nativity knitted dollsAgain, some more hurriedly taken pics of some of her amigurumis (along with a few I’d made for her). It’s a pity she stores them away along with her crockery! The second image is of the knitted nativity set she’s made from Jean Greenhowe’s pattern. These look tiny in the picture but each character, barring Mary and baby Jesus, measure about 12 inches. If I had taken up this knitting project, I’m sure I’d have given up mid-way since I have the attention span of a five year old 😉

The doll you see in the middle (flanked by two gorgeous hunks) in the third image, that was knitted by yours truly as a Mother’s Day gift to my mom and I’m happy to report she promptly fell in love with this yarny little girl. On her left is rugged football star (who now sadly moonlights as a pin cushion—did you notice the needles on his jersey? :o) knitted by my mom, and on the right is the doll I used to play with when I was little (sorry, can’t remember his name; it was a long time ago, but it was good to see him too). The knitted bunnies, I made them for my aunts and they loved my little gentlebunny and lady bunny 🙂

While we are still on the topic of people falling in love with yarny creatures, allow me to present to you this next image: 3. Knitted PirateMeet my childhood friend K and her son and their new best friend—Agya Pirate. Agya means ‘elder brother’ in Sikkimese-Bhutia language and that’s the name this pirate bunny has been given by his new ship mates 🙂 Look, how happy he is with his new family!

Speaking of families, these guys are the latest feline and canine additions to our family in Gangtok: 4. Canines&FelinesBarring Pepe, who’s been with us for a very long time (and spoilt rotten by my mom), Bruni (the grand old lady), Michael and Jackson (that’s my youngest aunt’s sense of humor for you!) were homeless until they found their forever home in my mom’s house. Bruni, you lucky dog! 😛

A visit to Gangtok is incomplete without a quick trip (or numerous not so quick trips as it was in our case) to the most popular book shop-slash-cafe in town. 6. Cafe-FictionYou can sink your teeth into the ‘Open Chicken Bikini’ sandwich at Café Fiction (if you’re into that sort of thing :P) or you can grab a cuppa and head upstairs to Rachna Books where the selection of books is eclectic. Sadly, the only photograph I have of the book shop is this blurry “drank-so-much-coffee-that-my-hands-are-shaking” pic. 7. Rachna-Books-Post-AmericanoP and I headed straight to the comic book section and found these goodies: 5. comicsHmm… now you know why this blog has been so quiet these past few weeks 😉




9 thoughts on “A Trip Home

  1. twinkletoes2day says:

    Well “Hello” stranger 😀 How good to see you back 🙂 OMGoodness your mum is talented! It’s easy to see where you get it from 🙂 Those flowers are simply incredible! I can’t believe you only took those few pictures 😛 That nativity set is covetable btw, I wouldn’t have the patience to complete it either, lol 😀 I remember the lovely doll you made for your mum, she looks so cute between those two hunks 😉 Suc a lot of happy pictorial memories for you to treasure. Now back to the daily grind 😉 ttfn 🙂 Mo x

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mo 🙂 I know I should have taken more pics; I feel like a complete dumbass 😦 But I’ll let her know you loved the stuff she’s made. She’s going to be so thrilled 😀 Thank you for your lovely comment. Your comments always make me smile 🙂

  2. instantlynoodles says:

    You found graphic novels in Gangtok! Where? Where? Last time I looked, I found some rusty Panchatantra tales in a run down place. I’ll make it a point to ransack the place the next time I am there. Or better, ask my cousins to do it for me and deliver the books here! Muhahaha

    Speaking of cousins -Gangtok is a very special place to me. Two of my aunts live (use to live – one of them passed away a year back) close by (Gangtok terms meaning they are nearly three hours drive away from that place. But for them it’s close. Oh well, can’t argue with that) and my cousins practically populate the place.

    I love the city, it’s so much vibrant, tolerant and welcoming and green, cannot forget green, and well managed than Kathmandu will ever be. The people there are such amazing folks ki k bhanne.

    Gangtok stirs up some really, really good memories for me. I hope you had super fun time in your home town.

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