Dear Thief…

An open letter addressed to a 30-something blogger who decided to steal my Amy pattern and pass it off as her own. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then this thief certainly deserves a thank you note from me.

Dear amigurumi pattern thief,

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your little Amy amigurumi doll whose pattern you are so generously giving away for free! But somehow I have this nagging feeling of having seen your Amy somewhere. Oh, wait! That’s my pattern—translated into a language I don’t understand—and those are the photographs I took in my craft room!

While I may appreciate you posting my photographs on your blog (after all I encourage sharing), what deeply concerns me is your total disregard for my request that this pattern is not to be published in its entirety on any websites (or anywhere else for that matter) without my permission. What disturbs me even more is that you are now passing it off as your own.

If you had asked for my permission to translate it and publish it on your blog with due credit to the designer, I would have gladly agreed. Instead you decided not only to publish a translated version of my work on your blog but also claim it as your own. That, in my book, is called stealing. It’s people like you who demotivate people like me who invest hours upon hours in designing amigurumis and then give away their patterns for free.

Shame on you.


Twisted Fibers

Click on this screenshot of the offending blog to witness the thievery at work

Click on this screenshot of the offending blog to witness the thievery at work

P.S. I have notified the friendly neighborhood Blogger copyright infringement complaints unit regarding your little stunt and you’ll be hearing from them soon.

UPDATE: (4 June, 2013) The blogger has taken down the post.


35 thoughts on “Dear Thief…

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Thanks for looking it up for me. Really appreciate it 🙂 There’s a watermark on the translated pattern that reads and at the end of the pattern, she’s inserted her blog URL. I think that can be counted as claiming the work as her own. Besides, I have made it very clear in my blog that while sharing is fine, publishing the entire pattern is not (I even allow people to sell dolls made from my patterns, forchrissake!). And I’m positive my pattern is not the only one she’s stolen (there is a translated pattern for a free doll pattern on her blog which I’d seen earlier on some other website). I am so thoroughly annoyed with this woman!

      • ukcrochetpatterns says:

        I don’t blame you, it’s very irritating. I noticed comments on her site about how much content she has and how quickly it goes up, so I agree that she’s not just pinching your work. I wouldn’t dream of doing it. We’re all women together and should be supporting one another. I hope you get this sorted soon!

      • Twisted Fibers says:

        Stealing her way to stardom. Some people! The less said, the better. I’ve already lodged a complaint with Google; I hope they take down the post soon. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

  1. twinkletoes2day says:

    Shame on her!! It’s people like THAT, that make it more difficult for crafters &artists alike to build a business, gain a good reputation for their life’s work and support themselves. I say again – shame on her!

  2. monsteryarns says:

    I don’t want to “Like” this blog post as in some ways it looks like I’d approve of her actions. But I certainly like your letter to her. Well done for speaking out.

  3. instantlynoodles says:

    While I totally condone the thievery, I applaud the maturity with which you handled the situation. I’ve seen people going apeshit about it, but I am thoroughly impressed.


  4. helencrochet1 says:

    Hmmmm. its happend to me too… Don’t worry… I’ve left a note on her site shaming and naming her.. I wonder if she will approve it!! PhaaaaHHHHH me thinks.

    We love and apprciate you in all ways.. and dont let it ruin your weekend .. thats an order!


    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Helen, thank you so much for doing that and for your kind words as well. I’d left a comment on her blog too, asking her to either name the source or take down the post. Though I doubt she’ll publish our comments. I’m sorry it happened to you too. Clearly some people just don’t deserve the right to roam about freely in the internet.

  5. Carys says:

    Ugh, awful! So sorry someone did this
    to you. I’ve posted patterns for teeny little things and know how much work goes into even those so it’s terrible to see someone steal what you have out a great deal of work into. I just had to text a friend to ask if “yorum gonder” meant Comment so I could comment on the offending blog! Your work is amazing and clearly takes a lot of time and is very much appreciated by your blogging community.

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Thank you for telling that blogger that stealing is not okay. Even though she’ll not allow our comments to be visible to the public, at least she knows that a few people now know her for who she really is–a thief! Thank you again for taking a stand with me.

  6. amigurumibb says:

    Was very sad when I saw your post yesterday. Felt so bad and so sorry about all situation. Sadly things like that happen. I can’t give you any “smart” advice or sooth your pain. You should be happy and feel happy you have this little community around you here, that supports you and likes what you do. Community and friends that have seen your design and know it is yours. (together with all the visitors around the globe) Therefor, try not to take it to much to your heart seeing things like this happen. Try to think how great job you are doing here, how you have many followers and friends, people that like to hear from you and see what you do, and how good your work is that was even tried to be “adopted” 😉
    So cheer up dear. I am sure things will settle regarding the whole issue. I am sure Google will do something about it.

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Like you pointed out, the support from the blogging community has been overwhelming and I’m grateful to each and everyone of you. Some rotten apples will always try to spoil the party, but why should we let them disrupt our fun, right? I’ll be back soon with another free pattern 🙂

  7. öznur says:

    merhaba ingilizce bilmediğim için derdimi nasıl anlatırım bilmiyorum sadece bir arkdaşımın ricası olarak paylaştım inanın bilmiyordum böyle çeviri olup yasak olduğunu kaldırdım yayından tekrar özür diliyorum bu şekilde çeviri ile paylaşımın yasak olduğunu bilmiyordum :((

      • öznur says:

        gerçekten çok özür diliyorum bilmiyordum paylaşılmayacağını yeni başladım henüz çok özür dilerim bu postu da kaldırırsanız sevinirim çünkü gerçekten hırsızlık yapmadım inanın bilmiyordum tekrar özür dilerim çok teşekkürler anlayışın için ayrıca yaptıkların çok güzel ellerine sağlık 🙂

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      I still think the apology came a bit too late. It would have sounded more sincere to me had she responded to my comment on her blog to either attribute the source or take down the post. Since she chose to ignore my request, I was left with no choice but to file a complaint and blog about it here. I also alerted another blogger, Jen, whose amigurumi pattern’s unauthorized translation was also published on this person’s blog. Coincidentally, it was after Jen filed a complaint with Google and then blogged about it ( did this person remove both our patterns from her blog. I’m sorry if I sound like a you-know-what but I seriously don’t believe Oznur when she says she didn’t know what she did amounted to copyright violation. Yet I’m glad that she’s now removed my pattern from her blog. Thank you, Helen, for your support throughout. I really really appreciate it 🙂

      • öznur says:

        ben hemşireyim her zaman bloguma giremiyorum ve geç gördüm yoksa kötü niyetle birşey yapmadım amacım öyle olsaydı bu şekilde defalarca özür dilemezdim sizden rica ettim gayet samimi davrandım tabi ki inanmak sizin elinizde ama ben yine özür diliyorum çünkü gerçekten böyle paylaşılmayacağını bilmiyordum amigurumiye yeni başladım zaten lütfen çok özür diliyorum 😦 😦 😦

      • Twisted Fibers says:

        It is unfortunate that your admin rights have been cancelled by Google. But I really cannot help you with this. Google takes complaints of copyright infringement seriously and repeat offenders are, I believe, either denied their administrative access temporarily or have their blogs taken down permanently. Since your blog is still visible to public, I think the block is temporary. It is up to Google to determine how long you will be denied access to your blog. This could clearly have been avoided if you had responded to the request I had left on your blog earlier to fix this issue. The only thing I can do is remove all links to your blog from this post.

      • Jen says:

        She commented on my post as well with an apology stating she didn’t know. I responded that while I appreciate the apology my policy regarding that pattern is stated clearly on the pattern page (and quite frankly I ask very little for what was weeks worth of work for me in creating and then typing out and testing the pattern). I realize there is a bit of a language barrier here, but it was overcome enough to translate both of our patterns into (presumably) working copies of what we created.

        If the translation was posted with links back and without putting watermarks to her own site all over the pattern it would have been fine for me to be honest.

        I am sorry it took my reporting this as well for you to get some justice in this.

      • Twisted Fibers says:

        Precisely, Jen! A little credit for our work, that’s all we ask for. Thanks for writing, and I’m really sorry it happened to you too. Let’s hope we are spared this sort of nonsense in the future.

  8. öznur says:

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  9. öznur says:

    çok üzüldüm çünkü ben bilmiyordum bilsem emeğe asla saygısızlık yapmazdım bende örgülerime emek veriyorum bende istemem ama yeni başladım öyle olmadığını bilmiyordum çok üzgünüm (

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