This year is my year. I can feel it.” – Eddie Munson, Stranger Things 4

Raise your hand if came here looking for an Eddie Munson amigurumi! Isn’t he the most charismatic new character to join Stranger Things? I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy watching season 4 this much but Eddie’s arrival has definitely made me wait eagerly for the remaining two episodes. You better not kill him off, Duffer Brothers, or we will have words!

So, without further ado, please allow me to present some more pics of the charming [amigurumi-fied!] Dungeon Master himself.

It’s forced conforming. That’s what’s killing the kids. That’s the real monster. – Eddie Munson, Stranger Things 4

The hands and tongue were drawn and overlaid on the amigurumi’s photo to recreate the iconic cafeteria scene. 🤘

I can feel it. ‘86 baby!” – Eddie Munson, Stranger Things 4

He of long hair, ripped denims and screen-printed monster t-shirts. 🎸

Eddie the banished. 😔

I say you’re asking me to follow you into Mordor…But the Shire is burning. So Mordor it is.– Eddie Munson, Stranger Things 4

Those are all the pics I managed to edit today. Who else is excited for Stranger Things Season 4 – Part II? 🤩

16 thoughts on “ALL HAIL EDDIE MUNSON!

  1. Sadie says:

    Sorry to ask this question, and I’m not expecting much but, just wondering how you did the trainers?

    I’ve tried to do it and cannot make shoes that look as cute as that.

    • Tales of Twisted Fibers says:

      I think a flat sole makes a huge difference. Just cut out the shape of the sole of your amigurumi shoe on a sheet of cardboard or semi hard plastic and use it as an insole. My free pattern for Chucky’s shows how to do it.

      Another tip is go for a clean color change when transitioning from the sole to top of the shoe. After joining your new yarn color, do a round of BLO slip stitches and then work the next round also in BLO.

      I hope these suggestions help.

  2. Jenilee says:

    This is SO amazing, incredible job!! I’ve been looking for a pattern for him and your Eddie is literally the best one on the internet. I haven’t found a single pattern that I like so I’m just gonna wing it but I will definitely be using yours as a reference (I hope you don’t mind!). Again, great work!! 😍

    • Tales of Twisted Fibers says:

      Of course, I don’t mind! In fact, I’m flattered that you chose my design to use as a reference. I hope your Eddie comes out amazing as well.
      I’ve received so many nasty DMs and mails over my decision to not release this pattern, that kind and thoughtful messages like yours actually feel like a warm hug. So thank you! 🤗

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