Besties Forever Ami-Along

We all love our friends, right? Some of us have friends we have known since our childhood, some we met along the way as we navigated our way through adulthood. Old friends or new, they have all enriched our lives in some way. But with the lockdown imposed in so many countries around the world, many of us haven’t been able to see our friends, at least not physically.

So, to tell our friends how much we love and value them, we are having an Ami-Along at where we will bring out our hooks and yarn—those two magical ingredients!—and make cute amigurumi versions of our besties. Once we finish making our amigurumi Besties, we can surprise our friends with their amigurumi lookalikes (but please meet them only after the lockdown is lifted!). If this sounds like a fun idea, you can head over to and sign up for this month’s Ami-Along, which will run from April 8 to May 13.

Over the course of the next five weeks, we will use this base pattern to create three separate looks. You can get creative and customize the color of their hair and costumes to make the ami resemble your bestie. By the way, did I tell you that the Besties are based on real people? Alright peeps, meet Agnes, Kavita (which means “poetry” in Nepali) & Pema (Tibetan for “lotus”). They have been my friends since first grade and helped me survive school, break-ups and life in general. And even though we are all currently based in different cities, we still keep in touch through text messages and meet whenever we happen to be in the same city. So, in a nutshell, this month’s Ami-Along is an ode to friendship.

As a part of this fun crocheting event, AmigurumiPatterns will also be giving away tons of prizes, ranging from amigurumi paperbacks and e-books to Yarns and Colors yarn packages and Clover crochet hook sets. How amazing is that! Also, for the duration of the Ami-Along, participants can grab my other patterns at a 30% discount.

Left to right: Kavita, Agnes, Pema

I hope you will come join us. You can click here to sign up.

Stay home, stay safe, stay crafty. ❤️

Baby Phoenix

What does Marvel Comics and this blog post have in common? I can give you a hint if you want. It can rise from the dead and fly. Quick, anyone? No? Alright then—ahem!—“Behold, the Phoenix!” [To be read in Alan Rickman’s voice, à la the Metatron in Dogma] 😁

Baby Phoenix is the first bird amigurumi I’ve designed. Yes, you read that right. And why not! After all, no bird [at least from the mythological variety] has captured our imagination the way this fiery bundle of feathers has. So if you’re feeling inspired to make a phoenix yourself, all you need to do is grab your yarn, hook, and this pattern.

This little magical baby bird will make a perfect gift for mythology buffs, fantasy fans, and lovers of all things kawaii. Easy to make, this project requires small amounts of yarn and can be completed in a couple of evenings [or an evening if you are a fast crocheter!].

The amigurumi pattern for Baby Phoenix is available in my Ravelry shop.

Happy hookin’! ❤️

P.S. Thanks to these amazing ladies for testing this pattern: Mia [check out her Etsy store for awesome crocheted goodies!], Fiona McQueen, Veronique Flawine, Crystal Thompson, Jessica Sherman, Reina A and Amifan. I’m so grateful for this bunch!

Buddy & Chum


Guess who’s been keeping me company while I write my patterns? These two sweet little fellas, Buddy and Chum. And whenever I feel too tired to work (or sometimes just too lazy to work), they shake their bushy tails in tandem like cheerleaders and howl at me to go on.


Buddy is an absolute gentleman; he never goes anywhere without his tie.


His busy tail is always well combed and styled with just the right amount of hairspray.


Just look at him—he even makes sure everything is color coordinated! Blue shirt, blue planter. Wow, this guy is sorted.


Chum, on the other hand, likes to keep it simple, so much so that his closet is full of button-down shirts—and no, he doesn’t own a tie.


Buddy & Chum are 5 inches tall and will make great desk accessories. Because they have a flat base, they can stand upright without any support. This is a quick project with a fairly simple pattern. The PDF contains step by step photo guide to help you with the slightly difficult bits. If you have not yet tried your hands at colorwork, this pattern will show you how to change colors cleanly. Don’t know how to make back post single crochet stitch? There’s a photo tutorial on how to do it too.whats-inside

Buy the pattern for Buddy & Chum at AmigurumiPatterns here, Ravelry here or at Craftsy here. Because we all need cute little critters to sit with us at our desks and make our work hours less dreary. 🙂

Happy hookin’!


Mechanic Mike

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern Mechanic Mike and his wrench are inseparable. He takes it wherever he goes. Who knows when he may come across a kid with a broken toy car that needs fixing!

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi patternMechanic Mike found his calling in life early. When he was just a pup, he figured out the best way to relieve his itchy baby teeth was to sink them into anything that’s chewable. As he chewed through toys that was within his reach, he thought he could do it all day long. It was so much fun!

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern But Mike’s happiness was short-lived. When the human baby that lived in the house with him returned from school and saw his favorite toy car all chewed up, he started crying. No matter how much Mike licked his face, the human baby would not be consoled. It was then Mike realized what had caused the waterworks.

He ran to the tool shed and picked up a wrench; not the largest one, mind you, he’s only a pup. A quick detour to the craft room and he was equipped with a pair of scissors and a roll of tape. He then went into the room where the broken toys were scattered on the floor. Carefully he picked up the pieces and put them together with the sticky tape. A few strands of his fur also got caught between the toy and the tape but Mike was a pup on a mission. He wouldn’t mind losing a bit of fur for his human friend. Then he lifted the heavy wrench with his tiny paw and put the wheels back on the toy car one by one.

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi patternOnce he was done fixing, he surveyed his work. While he agreed it was not perfect, it wasn’t a bad job either. His tiny tail started doing an involuntary jig. Though it’s not quite clear if the human baby appreciated Mike’s attempts at fixing the toy, Mike surely did appreciate the wonders a dog can do with a pair of paws, some simple tools and a bit of ingenuity.

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern He’s had a lot of practice at fixing toys since then and has won a bunch of medals for “being ever so generous with his time and unique skills” and “bringing a smile to many little faces”.

What a wonderfully gifted dog, don’t you agree! The fun bit of news is his pattern is now available so you too can make your very own Mechanic Mike. 🙂 Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern This 9 page PDF contains patterns for this 6 inch/15 cm amigurumi dog, including over 30 step by step photos and illustrations to help you with the slightly difficult bits. While making this amigurumi, you’ll learn how to make seamless color changes while making stripes and working with multiple colors at the same time. Never attempted back post single crochet stitch? There is a link in this PDF to a photo tutorial that will show you exactly how to do it. If you’ve never tried your hands at making a movable head for your amigurumi, this pattern shows how to do that too.

You can buy Mechanic Mike’s pattern at AmigurumiPatterns, Ravelry & CraftsyHappy hookin’!

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi patternFixing broken hearts & toys since 2016 ever since he chewed a boy’s favorite toy car and made him cry.










The Hoodies

The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (1)Meet best friends Chip, Addy & Clara, collectively known as the Hoodies. Though no one’s quite sure how they got that name, one can guess it has something to do with the skateboarding trio hitting the neighborhood streets everyday wearing their favorite hooded sweatshirts and executing perfect kickflips. The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (2)Aren’t they just adorable! The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (3)At 5.5 inches, these little Hoodies are quick and easy to make, and will appeal to kids and grownups alike. The Hoodies Amigurumi Pattern

This 12 page PDF contains patterns for Chip, Addy & Clara, including instructions, step by step photos and illustrations on how to make a movable head for your amigurumi and how to embroider their hair. The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (1)You can buy this pattern at AmigurumiPatterns, Ravelry & Craftsy.

Happy hookin’! 🙂



Amigurumi Circus

Come one, come all! Welcome to the greatest show of the year where you will witness balls of yarn magically turn into the most adorable little entertainers! Grab your ticket, take your seat and let Choppy, the clumsy juggler, welcome you to the AMIGURUMI CIRCUS.

Amigurumi Circus - Choppy - Tales of Twisted Fibers (2)

Background vector graphics courtesy Freepik

Amigurumi Circus—published by Meteoor bvba—contains 13 seriously cute amigurumi circus characters designed by 11 designers. Sharing the stage with these adorable circus stars is my very own clumsy little Choppy. 🙂 You can see all the other designs here.


This book is a result of the design contest held in December last year by  which saw a participation of over 200 designers from around the world. How amazing is that!

Like all books published by Meteoor bvba, Amigurumi Circus has projects for crocheters of all skill levels. What you can expect from this book is clear instructions accompanied by step by step pictures to guide you through all the difficult bits of the pattern, and lots of pictures of the amigurumi characters that show you what the finished product will actually look like from various angles. For those new to crochet, there’s even a handy illustrated section on how to make all of the stitches used in these patterns.

Amigurumi Circus - Choppy - Tales of Twisted Fibers (1)

Background vector graphics courtesy Freepik

The presale of this book is on from now till June 25. If you order your copy now, you’ll also receive a free PDF edition of the book, which means you can start making your favorite amigurumis right away! To order your copy, click here.

Before I wrap up this post, a massive thank you to everyone who voted for Choppy and all the other fabulous designs. This book would never have been possible without you. I hope you’ll enjoy all the patterns in this book as much as we enjoyed creating them. 🙂

Vote for Mimi & Choppy!

The circus is here and the town is swathed in bright, vibrant colors. Clowns, jugglers, human cannonballs, magicians, strongmen, trapeze artists, tightrope walkers, acrobats, stilt walkers, unicyclists—you name it, they are there. And the best part is, they are all made of yarn! Isn’t that exciting!contestcircus_banner_characters

This amazing amigurumi circus is brought to you by and over a hundred amigurumi designers from around the world. Among these talented circus acts are two of my designs—Mimi, the mime artist, and Choppy, the clumsy juggler.

Mimi&Choppy_Tales-of-Twisted-Fibers-(1)Aren’t they adorable!

First, let me introduce you to Mimi – the mime artist.Mimi,-the-mime-artist2_talesoftwistedfibersMimi is not just another pretty face. Besides being a hugely popular one panda mime act, she is also an acclaimed animal rights activist. After barely escaping with her life from a notorious fur trader, she joined the circus. Now she uses the stage and her talent to educate the audience on animal welfare and rights.Mimi,-the-mime-artist3_talesoftwistedfibersDid you know Mimi is also pursuing her degree in International Animal Welfare, Ethics & Law?

Choppy – the clumsy juggler, on the other hand, is not exactly what you’d call a smart fella.Choppy_Tales of Twisted Fibers (2)Choppy_Tales of Twisted Fibers (3)Choppy always wanted to be a swashbuckling pirate and wield cutlasses but because of his clumsiness he never made the cut. So now he’s joined the circus as a juggler. Though he’s not terribly good at it—his clubs mostly land on his head—he is extremely popular because of the comic relief he provides.

Mimi and Choppy are only two of the many lovable acts who make this amigurumi circus the most fun circus you’ve ever seen. And now you get to decide which of these performers get to shine as the most popular circus acts by voting for them. The most popular characters with the highest number of votes will then be selected to be a part of a circus themed amigurumi pattern book*.

So if you think Mimi and Choppy have the star quality, could you please take a moment to vote for them? 🙂

How to vote

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the heart button of five of your favorite designs. It is important that you select exactly 5 designs; selecting less or more than five will disqualify your vote.
  3. On the pop-up screen, enter your name and email address and click on the Submit button.

Voting will take place from December 1 to 9, 2015.

Thank you! 😀

* Every year,—the folks behind the popular Zoomigurumi series—hosts a themed amigurumi design contest. The popular designs with the highest number of votes are then compiled in a pattern book. The results of the design contests held in 2013 and 2014—Amigurumi Animals at Work and Amigurumi Parent and Baby Animals—can be viewed here.