Free Bee Girl Amigurumi Pattern


I have finally managed to write the pattern for the bee girl and here it is as promised 🙂

UPDATE (4 June, 2013): This pattern is among the “From Dream To Reality #69” Top Ten Fun Features. Yay! Thanks, Christine 😀

The DIY Dreamer

The pattern is only for the doll. Tutorial for glass frames and antennae not included. Sorry, I totally suck at working with wires; you’re on your own there! 😦 But I’m sure many of you crafty readers will be able to figure out how to shape them by looking at the photographs. I used small lengths of copper wire to make these shapes and while the glass frame was left as it is, the wire ‘feelers’ were covered by tightly winding yellow yarn over them.

This pattern has not been tested and may contain errors (I suck at writing patterns too), so my apologies in advance for any inconvenience trying out this pattern might cause you. If you spot any errors, please be kind enough to let me know and I promise I’ll make the corrections 😀


  • Crochet hook (to make all dolls parts, except the hat): please refer to the yarn label for the recommended hook size
  • Crochet hook (to make the doll’s hat): a size larger than the hook used to make rest of the doll
  • Yarn: Small amounts of these colors: Skin, Black, Yellow, and Brown
  • Polyfiber fill
  • Tapestry or darning needle
  • Fabric glue and small lengths of copper wire to make glass frames and antennae

Size: 6.5 inches

SHOES & LEGS (Make two)

With yellow, 8 sc in a magic ring

Round 1: 2 sc in each st across. (16)

Round 2: Sc around. (16)

Round 3: Change to black and working in back loops only, sc around. (16).

Round 4: Sc around. (16)

Before working on the next round, insert plastic sole base into the shoe. I used a pair of wooden buttons because they were the right size and also because I’m lazy :p . Sole-Base-for-Amigurumi-Dolls----Tales-of-Twisted-FibersFor instructions on how to make sole base, read the section under SOLE BASE.

Round 5: Sc around. (16)

Round 6: (Sc 2, dec 1) around (12)

Round 7-8: Sc around. (12)

Round 9: (Sc 2, dec 1) around. (9)

Round 10-19: Sc around. (9)

Stuff firmly with polyfiber.

SOLE BASE (Make two): Cut out two circles (approximately 2 cm across) from a hard plastic sheet to make sole base and make two holes on this circle. Insert base inside the shoe, making sure they fit within the round where you worked only on back loops (round3). Thread a large eyed needle with white yarn and secure the plastic base to the crocheted sole by passing the needle through the hole you made on the base from the inside, and back again through the other hold. Tie the ends of the yarn tightly to ensure the base doesn’t move.


Round 20: Working with yellow, hold both legs together, making sure they face the same direction, and insert hook into the 2 stitches that meet in the center, YO and make a sc. Joining-Amigurumi-Legs----Tales-of-Twisted-FibersContinue making sc stitches around both legs. (18)

BODY: Continuing with yellow,

Round 21-23: Sc around. (18)

Round 24: Working in back loops only, (Sc 4, dec 1) around. (15)

Round 25: Sc around. (15)

Round 26: Working in back loops only, sc around. (15)

Round 27-29: Sc around. (15)

Round 30: Working in front loops only, sc around. (15).

Shape halter neck – Round 31 onwards: Sc in the next 7 sts, turn,

Ch 1, dec 1, sc 3, dec 1, turn, (5)

Ch 1, dec 1, sc 1, dec 1, turn, (3)

Ch 1, dec 1, sl st.


Make Upper Body – Next Round: Fold out the halter neck you just made, exposing the ‘free’ back loops on Round 30. Join skin color at one of the free loops on this round (Round 30)and sc around. (15)

Next Round: Sc around. (15)

Next Round: Sc around. (15)

Final Round: (Sc 3, dec 1) around. (12)

FO and stuff firmly.

Border and pattern for dress front: With black yarn, slip st along the upper edge of the doll’s halter neck to make the border. With black yarn and a tapestry needle, chain stitch the black ‘loopy’ design on the doll’s chest (see image). If you are not familiar with chain stitch, you can read this tutorial.

SKIRT – Layer 1: Join black at Round 24 and *working in front loops only, ch 3 and 1 dc in the same st. 2 dc in each st around. Sl st to join.

Ch 2, 1 hdc in the same st, 2 hdc in each dc around. Sl st to join.

Join yellow and sc around. FO.**

Layer 2: Join black at Round 26 and repeat from * to **. Tack the two skirt layers together at three or four places so that the midriff does not show and the skirt stays in place.

ARMS (Make two): With skin color, 5 sc in a magic ring.

Round 1: 2 sc into each st across. (10)

Round 2-3: Sc around. (10)

Round 4: Join black and (Sc 3, dec 1) twice. (8)

Round 5: Join yellow and sc around. (8)

Round 6: Change to black and sc around. (8)

Round 7: Change to yellow and sc around. (8)

Round 8: Change to black and sc around. (8)

Round 9: Change to yellow and sc around. (8)

Round 10: Change to black and sc around. (8)

Round 11-14: Join skin and sc around. (8)

OPTIONAL: You can lightly stuff some fiber fill now or you can leave the arms unstuffed.

Round 15: Dec around (4). FO, sew top opening close, and attach to the body.

HEAD: With skin color of your choice, 6 sc in a magic ring.

Round 1: 2 sc in each st around. (12)

Round 2: (Sc 1, inc 1) around. (18)

Round 3: (Sc 2, inc 1) around. (24)

Round 4: (Sc 3, inc 1) around. (30)

Round 5: (Sc 4, inc 1) around. (36)

Round 6: (Sc 5, inc 1) around. (42)

Round 7-12: Sc around. (42)

Round 13: (Sc 5, dec 1) around. (36)

Round 14: (Sc 4, dec 1) around. (30)

Round 15: (Sc 3, dec 1) around. (24)

Round 16: (Sc 2, dec 1) around. (18)

Round 17: (Sc 1, dec 1) around. (12)

FO and stuff firmly.

Embroider eyes and weave in hair according to your preference and attach head to body. Making-Hair-for-Amigurumi-Dolls----Tales-of-Twisted-FibersIf you are making amigurumi hair for the first time, I recommend these two tutorials:

1. Jenny and Teddy’s easy to follow tutorial on how to attach hair on amigurumi dolls

2. Owly’s detailed amigurumi hair tutorial

CAP: With a hook a size larger than the one you used for the body and yellow yarn, 6 sc in a magic ring. From the next round, we will work with alternating colors, switching between yellow and black at every round.

Round 1: (yellow) 2 sc in each st around.

Round 2: (black) 1 sc, 1 inc around.

Round 3: (yellow) 2 sc, 1 inc around.

Round 4: (black) 3 sc, 1 inc around.

Round 5: (yellow) 4 sc, 1 inc around.

Round 6: (black) 5 sc, 1 dec around.

Round 7: (yellow) sc around.

Round 8: (black)sc around.

Round 9: (yellow)sc around.

Round 10: (black) sc around.

Round 11-12: (yellow) sc around.


And you’re done! I hope you enjoy making this tiny bee girl 🙂Bee-Girl-Amigurumi-(rickshaw-portrait)_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersPATTERN TRANSLATIONS: The Bee Girl pattern is now available in Dutch and Spanish, thanks to Amifan and Lyanne 🙂



USING: I designed this doll for you. So I encourage you to use this pattern and make this amigurumi for yourself, your friends and your family. I’d be thrilled if you drop me a line (along with your link); I’ll make sure to give your doll a mention on my blog.

SELLING: Unless you happen to run a sweatshop somewhere, I don’t mind if you sell your dolls made from this pattern. In fact, I’d be stroked if you did. I’d also like it very much if you mentioned somewhere in the description of the doll that it’s made from a “Twisted Fibers original design”. I’d love to hear from you and see your dolls. Send me your link and I’ll give your online shop a mention on my blog.

SHARING: You can pin any image of the doll (available on my blog) on Pinterest or give your blog readers a heads up regarding the availability of this free pattern by using any of the images on this particular blog post followed a link to my blog. Sharing is loving. So go ahead and share the love 😀

DON’T: Please do not sell this pattern or publish it in its entirety on any website because that would make me very sad and force me to send my ninjas after you.

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77 thoughts on “Free Bee Girl Amigurumi Pattern

  1. amigurumibb says:

    Juhuu! As promised I have made your Bee doll! It is waiting here for the first photo shooting and ready to be delivered to you! I am so happy I have done it!
    I had so much fun! will tell you all about it!
    Please be so kind and let me know where to send the photos! Cant wait for you to grade my work! 😀
    Thank you so much for the pattern.

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Wow! I’d be delighted if you did that 🙂 You can also use any of the bee girl images available on my blog if you want. One request though, please include the link to this post on your blog along with the translated pattern. I’d also very much love to see your bee amigurumi. Please send me a link after you post the pattern and your images; I’ll make sure to give a shot out to your blog here 🙂

      • Ami fan says:

        Thanks for your permission.The link will be posted by the pattern in the beginning and the end (see for an example Jasmine Eliphant is also an translated pattern). Of course you will have my photo at the time (this weekend I will finish her. She will be not a Bea, but a lady beetle??? Red with black dots. So I will translate my pattern into english for you and we can swap.I already have added your blog to my readerslist.

      • Twisted Fibers says:

        Wow! A Beetle Girl! That’s sounds interesting. So does the swap idea. I’m up for it. Can’t wait to see your photos. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Sandys says:

    I love this pattern. She is adorable. I made one up to post on my website for sale (I’m just a small time crafter). The link is below. I managed to make up some wire glasses (with only a few bad words). I hope you like her. I do. 🙂 Thank you for posting this pattern and for your hard work developing it.

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      I do love your Bumble Bee Girl (and the dragons, and the Chihuahuas, and the mouse)! Good job on the wire glasses too (you have no idea how pathetic I am when it comes to working with wires!). I hope your bee girl finds an adoptive family very soon. Wish you luck 🙂

  3. patricia says:

    Muchísimas gracias! estoy muy contenta de haber encontrado su blog, y me muero de ganas por empezar a hacer esta muñeca.

  4. lea membrebe says:

    hi!i’m kind new in the crochet world,but i really like you’re dolls..especially the bee girl..can i make a request,i would like to have the pattern of bee girl partner..the bee boy??pls..

  5. Love.Ewe says:

    Reblogged this on Clovers 4 Ewe and commented:
    Gal pal shared this link on her Pinterest which popped up on Facebook. I’ve seen the Bee Girl before and thought she was adorable but never followed through to find where she came from. I can’t believe Twisted Fibers has this pattern listed for free. Better snag it up, copy it, save it, do what you have to before they come to their senses and charge for these adorable little creations.

  6. Tynes says:

    Love the bee girl. I am trying to make one for my daughter, but I’m having trouble with the eyes. I don’t want to use plastic eyes, so I’m trying to embroider them. I have never embroidered before. I tried regular yarn and its turning out horrible. What kind of yarn and needle did you use? And do you embroider between each crochet stitch?

    • Tales of Twisted Fibers says:

      Hi Kim. Sorry, I’ve stopped taking orders for my amigurumis. But since the pattern is free to download, maybe you can ask someone who crochets to make it for you. Or I can point you to a couple of crafters who make and sell amigurumis made from my patterns (including the Bee Girl). One is Crowded Bed Creations and the other is JayVeeTreasures. You’ll find the links to their online shops in my Reader’s Gallery (

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey how are you? I’m happy to have found this wonderful pattern. I would translate it into Spanish and publish it in my blog, of course always putting the reference of your blog and your images. It is possible? a greeting

  8. Mikayla Almquist says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say that you have some of the most beautiful amigurumi patterns I’ve ever seen! I went ahead and made a few “Bee Girls”, but I modified the pattern just a bit, and used the outfit as a color reference, instead of just black and yellow. I was thinking about putting them up on my Etsy store. Would that be alright with you? I would link this pattern as the original of course!

  9. marisapink says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this pattern. I’m getting better and better at crochet is pattern and creating it in my own way. The pattern is self is cute >w<.

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