The Bee Girl Amigurumi

Remember the 1992 single from Blind Melon’s debut album about “watching puddles gather rain” and “sleeping all day and then complaining there’s no rain”? You do! Well that’s excellent news because today I have something for all you Blind Melon fans out there. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause for the lovely Bee Girl! 1. Bee-Girl-Amigurumi-(rickshaw-landscape)_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersThis amigurumi is modeled after the little tap dancing Bee Girl (drummer Glen Graham’s younger sister Georgia Graham) on the band’s album cover, later portrayed by Heather DeLoach in the No Rain music video. 2. Blind Melon Cover-Bee-Girl-Amigurumi_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersHere is where I faced the dilemma. Should I base my design on the album cover girl (who has a halter neck costume) or the bee girl in the video (who wears a camisole)?3. Bee-Girl-Amigurumi-draft-sketchEventually, as you can see, I decided on following design on the album cover. 4. Bee-Girl-Amigurumi-(album-cover)_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersThe bee girl amigurumi has movable arms which, incidentally, is my first attempt at working with wires. I love how a bit of copper wire in the limbs makes this doll poseable and a delight to photograph. Unfortunately, my first attempt at shaping a pair of glasses for this girl also made me realize how utterly useless I am in this area, forcing me to enlist P’s help. So yes, it was P who made the glasses, not I 😦 5. Bee-Girl-Amigurumi-(slanted-hat-closeup)_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersMoving on (ahem!), this is how she looks without her hat and glasses. 6. Bee-Girl-Amigurumi-(no-hat)_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersAnd here is our Bee Girl wandering through the garden, stopping every now and then to perform her dance for whomever willing to watch 🙂 7. Bee-Girl-Amigurumi-(garden)_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersI hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll be back soon with the Bee Girl amigurumi pattern, which is currently scattered all over our living room in numerous bits of paper 😉

Update: The new post is up. Click here to get to the pattern.

17 thoughts on “The Bee Girl Amigurumi

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      I used to listen to Blind Melon a lot back when Shannon Hoon was still alive. Though I haven’t heard any of their new material, I still love their old albums. Btw, I totally agree with you; she does make you go ‘amoi’, doesn’t she! 😀

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Thank you so much. This must be the sweetest comment ever 🙂

      Yes, I do sell my dolls, but because I’m based in Kathmandu and shipping rates are exorbitantly high, I ship only to Nepal and India. However, since I allow people to sell dolls made from my free patterns, I’m sure you can find a crafter who’d be willing to use my pattern and make it for you. The pattern for this little bee girl is here on this blog in the Free Patterns section. Or you can contact Elizabeth of Crowded Bed Creations ( ) who’s listed this doll on her online store for sale. I hope this helps 🙂

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