Please Read

Dear all,

I’m writing you this note with a heavy heart. This morning a received a blog comment (you can read it here) from a stranger, accusing me of emailing her for money. I do not know if she REALLY was approached by a fraud who has taken my identity or this woman is just an old mean spirit. But there’s something I’d want all of you to know.

I do not email anyone asking for money. So if you received an email from “me” asking for donations, I did not write that mail. The only time I send a private email to anyone is when I receive an email from them first. Even then, I do not ask for donations or payments. Because my free patterns are just that — “free”.

Whenever I upload a free pattern, I post a note requesting people who use my free patterns to ‘consider’ making a donation to Animal Nepal, if they so choose. I do not force anyone to pay anything either directly to me or to any charity. If people donate, as some of you most generously have, it is out of their own free will.

An accusation like this is not only malicious, it is heartbreaking. When I started posting my patterns for free, it was out of my love for amigurumi, and my desire to share my designs with folks like you who share my passion. I know many of you use my patterns for charity, and many of you have not only loved my designs but also generously donated to Animal Nepal. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

In the next couple of days, I’ll be taking down all my free patterns because I’d rather not see my name or that of Animal Nepal (a wonderful organization that cares for sick and homeless animals) maligned. It was a fun ride but sadly it must end now.

Thank you all for your love and support. Take care and be good.



33 thoughts on “Please Read

  1. Kathryn Chase says:

    I am broken hearted that someone has so little to do as to possibly take your identity and then act like that. I have been coming to your site for some time now getting your free patterns and making adorable dolls and creatures for little kids who might not otherwise have any toy. I will continue to use them with your permission in an attempt to bring even a small smile to the children I share them with. I hope this can be cleared up as I know in my heart you sent no such letter. My best wishes to you and I really hate to see your site go. I look forward to your emails and love to look at what you have created. It is a god given talent that not everyone shares. Many hugs, Kathryn

  2. Annette Wann says:

    I’m so sorry someone has so little to do that they have to abuse you. I enjoy all the free patterns on the net and never have I been “chased” for money;. Please realise most people are good sharing people, and not all scum bags.
    Take care. Lots hugs.Annette

  3. Diane Schneider says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this. I truly “got” your love of Amigurumi & really appreciated all of your beautiful patterns. So sad to let one bad person spoil it.

  4. Pamela says:

    I am so sorry that this has happen to you, I love your patterns and I hate to see them go away…..hugs thank you for sharing your talent with us….and please don’t leave

  5. amilovesgurumi says:

    Dear Serah, please let this not affect your creative blog. It is just from one person. You are very talented and I am always pleased to read your beautiful posts. I hope that a lot of many people write to you and let you know, that your work is very valuable and it has brought so many joy to us. I can understand your anger, but there will always be those people that causes harm. Leave this anger behind you and don’t react on this – and they have lost. I wish you all the best!

  6. leonora says:

    Oh no pls be not affected with that Kind of Person.. She had nothing to do. Otherwise somebody used your Name to ask Money.. pls, pls do not leave your Blog or do not remove your free Pattern.. It was a big help for me. I am new to amigurumi making and I still Need help and Support from you.. I wish you a peaceful mind and pls remember , God always bless a Person like you..

  7. sueyjones says:

    Hi Serah. I am so sorry that this woman would accuse you of this and not try to find out the truth first. I hope you rethink your decision to take down your site. Maybe you can post a disclaimer at the beginning of your blog stating that you do not send out emails soliciting money and that any donations goes straight to Animals of Nepal. Please don’t let one deranged person rule your decision. Meanwhile, I will continue to finish the test pattern you sent me. If you feel it’s no longer worth my time because you are going to take down your site, please let me know. I would donate then to Animals of Nepal on my next payday. Thank you for the opportuninty.sue.

    Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 05:55:08 +0000 To:

  8. Carla says:

    I too am sorry this has happened to you, but please don’t take down your site. You have too much talent to share with others that will be missed. You have a good and kind heart and this is a mean heartless thing that she has done. Don’t let her win by giving in to her threats. Do look into your identiy and make sure it hasn’t been taken. My love and prayers go out to you.

  9. Ross says:

    Hola Sara, el correo que te pusieron es correo no deseado osea spam, no te angusties ya que tu no has hecho nada malo. A mi tambien me llego a mi blog algun dia y lo unico que tienes que hacer es bloquear el correo de quien lo escribe.
    Saludos 🙂

  10. Susan says:

    Dear Sara, With a heavy heart I am sending this e-mail. You are a wonderful generous person to offer your patterns for all to enjoy and it is a very sad day when someone would write you an e-mail such as this. Always remember to that one hateful person there are 100 more that appreciate and love you for who you are. I will miss your patterns for they have brought so much joy to the many children I have crocheted for and given them to freely. Please reconsider the kindness that you show by not giving in to a mean cruel person. If you so decide that you wish to shut down your free pattern offerings, I will miss you much but understand. I wish you all of God’s blessings and love throughout your life. Take care beautiful lady.

  11. Janice says:

    I am so sorry that someone has hurt you this way. I have been coming to your site for several months and I can not express the joy that I have found in patterns. I will truly miss you and hope that you re-consider closing your site. We all love you and I hate to see one mean and nasty person hurt you this way. Thank you for all you have given the amigurumi world. I will miss you and want to to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. ckachel says:

    Serah, I’m so appalled that some hater did this, it is inexcusable to do this to some one who only has good in their heart. That being said, as disheartened as you are, please don’t let this stop the good you do for the crafters who need and love you and your creations and the animals of Animal Nepali. Think about it, if you give up over 1(one) hateful person then they win, they get their way, in a sense you give them power they do not deserve .Please rethink your decision, with our support this hater can go back to the shadows.

  13. BellaKarma says:

    Hi Serah,

    I have been on-line since 1995 (and I probably haven’t signed off since then, either), and I’ve come across hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs during that time. I can honestly say, your creativity and generosity truly stands out because of how genuine you come across. I just recently discovered your site, but it made an impact immediately. And I want to thank you for offering such beautiful, high-quality, original patterns for all who discovered it as well — and for bringing awareness to Animal Nepal.

  14. amigurumibb says:

    Hey friend!
    Red the messages your followers left and have not much to add!
    Don’t be silly and leave all this you built with much love and hard work. It is not about you any more 🙂 It is about all of your followers and friends here. It is about passion you share and the way you influence and inspire.
    Meditate, Clear your mind, crochet some more and return with new pattern to share 😀

  15. Margaret says:

    I am sorry that someone has hurt you in this way. But there are mean people who send such mails using names of others.
    You are giving so much with your free patterns. Patterns designed, made and shared with love. I really appreciate you work and gift a lot.

    Love, Margaret

  16. VERONICA says:

    please dont close your page because some person had nothing better to do than slander you and your patterns they give us all joy to make and to the children that enjoy our work and your beautiful brain if you close your page it will prove to THAT PERSON that they can control people of better intelligance then them THAT PERSON has probably no friends cant crochet and spends their time trying to upset people hugs and kisses looking foreward to more patterns and less of THEM PEOPLE VERONICA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  17. theressomethingaboutrainbows says:

    That is so sad! I;m so sorry.. Why are you taking down all of your hard work because of one person who hurt you? Look at all the supportive people around here.. Everyone will miss you!! Please do reconsider and keep doing something you are passionate about 🙂

  18. Sandy says:

    Oh Serah, it would be so sad if you stopped making your gorgeous patterns! I just found you today from and your adorable Little Red Devil pattern. I have no idea what I’m doing Ami-wise, but I will learn just to make this for my mom, cause I was quite the same way as you.

    It seems as through one of your commenters, Cynthia Rhodes, figured out Jane’s issue with receiving “emails” from you. Maybe you’ll reconsider leaving pattern making? I would definitely miss you. Please don’t let one bad experience ruin your fun. Maybe directly linking, in a post on your sidebar, to the charities your ask us to consider so there could be no reason to have an quick, reliable and easy donation process would solve the second problem for others moving forward?

  19. epc certificate says:

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    opposite experts of this sector don’t notice this. You should continue your writing.

    I am confident, you have a huge readers’ base already!

    • Martha says:

      Oh Serah, I’m so sorry someone did this to you, we love you and your patterns, please stay with us. We understand this is hurtful to you, it would be so to any of us, we love ya, please stay with us!!!

  20. Jan Mountain says:

    Sarah,unfortunately,like you, I am letting a very few people who have nothing but evil in there hearts win by giving in to them.Because of the few, many are to lose out on your love of amigurumi.
    Don’t let evil win

  21. Ellen says:

    Dear Serah,
    With whole my crocheting heart I hope you can be stronger than this and can rise above this awful experience.
    The designing world already has to suffer a lot because of bad things happening and to lose another great designer will be extremely sad.
    Please take into account all the reactions you get and please reconsider your decision.
    The rest of the crocheting world and especially your fans are right behind you!

  22. craftyduddles says:

    Dear Sarah,
    I love your blog so much and come here often, not only because of your patterns, but because I love to read your tips and tricks, your crafting ideas and just really everything you post.
    Like so many of your fans have already said, and I can just agree with them, you’re a great designer and it would be sad for us all when you’d decide to leave because an evil person wants to make you feel bad and look bad. ❤ Your fans know that you're a great and generous person. We are standing right behind you and have your back. ❤
    This is your decision, because no one of us can know how you feel inside, but be sure, that we all love you and am happy that you're part of the crocheting world. ❤

  23. Lori says:

    Don’t let the hater have any more of your head space dear one. Always there’s will be someone who lives only to tear down beauty and kindness. Once you have gotten past the shock and pain you can clearly see how much you are loved and appreciated 🙂

  24. Grammaladow says:

    Well, I know what that is like it happened to me also but why not just deal with it and move on instead of cutting off all your loyal “fans” and followers. it’s making all of us pay for the one persons
    discretion. Sorry if that sounds harsh but that is how I feel.

  25. cattycay says:

    I have only recently discovered your blog and enjoy getting to know your thoughts and designs. I am disappointed to see you quit because I know you have worked very hard to set up this blog and keep it going.
    I am in the process of starting one but it is hard!
    If you want to quit for personal reasons it is understandable, but I would not let one mean person color my thinking. Emotions make us react quickly and I would encourage you to wait a little while to see if you feel differently after hearing from all your fans. Whatever you decide I wish you the best, but really don’t want you to quit.
    Best wishes.

  26. HenBren says:

    Jane needs to grow up and I am very thankful for all your hard word that you put into your patterns and then share them with all of us for FREE. I hope you will not let one person stop you from doing what you love. I did not read everything that was said because to me it was just so silly. With all the stuff going on in this world and she has to make a big deal from nothing. Searh I enjoy reading your blog. Hugs to you my dear. Know that you are loved no matter what you choose to do. ~ bu

  27. Stephanie B. says:

    I am very sorry this has happened to you and I hope you can get past it knowing you have several followers who think you are amazing.

  28. Susan says:

    Dearest Sarah – Just ignore the haters. You have so many people who love you and trust you. I just don’t know what is wrong with people. So much hate in the world.

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