The Little Red Devil

When I was young, I used to be quite a major pain in a certain part of my parent’s anatomy. I often wonder roughly how many times the pleasant thought of disowning me crossed their minds, and did they see this when they saw me? The Little Red DevilSo tell me, does this little kid in a Halloween costume remind you of a little trouble-on-two-legs in your life? If your answer is yes, why not make this little amigurumi devil for your darling little pain in the butt! 😉

The pattern for this 7 inch amigurumi includes instructions and step-by-step pictures on how to embroider amigurumi hair. Also included is the pattern for a pumpkin. What’s even better, it’s absolutely free! 😀


I hope you enjoy this pattern. And would you please consider making a small donation to Animal Nepal if you use this pattern? 🙂

Thanks for caring.


P.S. Thank you for helping Violet & Ivy make it to the list of top eight “visitors favorite patterns” on You guys are the best! 😀


57 thoughts on “The Little Red Devil

  1. amigurumibb says:

    Oh my… so cute! Where and how do you find time to come up with all these new pattern so often? Little red one is so cute! Love him Serah! Gratz on your new awesome pattern and thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Tales of Twisted Fibers says:

      I make time by sacrificing all aspects of my social life. 😛 I’d made this one a while ago, just had not got down to writing the pattern. Now that October is here, thought it would be a good time to post it. Thanks, Vanja! I’m super happy you like this one as well. 😀

  2. AmiFan says:

    Oh, that is funny! My new pattern bunny has almost the same body! So fun how 2 designers can come up with the same idea!
    This is adorable devil. Thanks for sharing!
    greetings AmiFan

  3. Amanda Edgeworth says:

    Very adorable like all your other dolls Serah! I always love to see what you have new and just in time for Halloween! Need to make her for my neice! Need to find something for my nephew now! They are 11 months apart! Thanks again!

  4. Barb says:

    This is simply adorable! I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but it won’t let me download the pattern. 😦 Any suggestions?

  5. Sharon says:

    this is so adorable, I think little devils run in my family, I was one and my 2 girls were/are too! lol. Thank you for you generosity I have left a small donation as thanks and I’ve subscribed xx

    • Tales of Twisted Fibers says:

      Welcome to the little devils’ club, Sharon. It appears there are quite a lot of us around. 😉
      I want to thank you and give your a hug for your donation to Animal Nepal. Your contribution will certainly help make a difference in the lives of our furry friends. 🙂

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