I made L from Death Note!

Death Note was one of the manga series I used to enjoy reading a long time back. So, when the 2006-07 anime adaptation of this series landed on my Netflix recommendation about a week ago, I decided not only to watch it but also amigurumi-fy one of its main characters, L Lawliet.

Death Note follows the story of Light Yagami, a teen genius who is given the power to end people’s lives just by writing their names in a black notebook called ‘Death Note’. When Light realizes the enormous power contained within the pages of this notebook, he turns into ‘Kira’, a god-like vigilante who decides to create a crime-free society by killing criminals [and later even those who come close to figuring out his identity!].

L Lawliet, known simply as “L”, is a renowned detective who takes on the challenge of catching the mass murderer known as Kira. And it is this eccentric, slovenly and barefooted detective that I decided to turn into an amigurumi.

L always sits like this. 👇🏼

And here he explains why.

Sometimes he waxes philosophical— 😏

—while on most days, he is just focused on eating deserts. 🍰

And he is never ever wrong! 🙀

Death Note is a manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. If anime is more your cup of tea, a 37-episode anime adaptation of the series is available on Netflix. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to catch the remaining Episodes 20-37 now. 🤓


Friends from Sikkim: Blood Pheasant

I know I don’t post very often but this year I’ve plans to take you on a journey to my home state with my Friends from Sikkim amigurumi series. Kicking off this series will be this cute little birdie.

Blood pheasant, also known as blood partridge, is a bird found in eastern Himalayas. It was once the national bird of the former kingdom of Sikkim. Though Sikkim became a part of India in the mid-1970s, the blood pheasant continues to retain its status as Sikkim’s state bird.

In one of the popular folklores of the Lepcha people [the indigenous inhabitants of Sikkim], this spectacular bird plays an important role. Teesta and Rangeet—the two major rivers in Sikkim that originate from the Himalayan glaciers—were lovers. One day, these two river spirits decided to race down to the lowlands and, upon meeting there, move onwards to the plains together. When Teesta [the female river spirit] won the race, ashamed by his defeat Rangeet [the male river spirit] turned around to return home in a fit of rage. Distressed by her lover’s reaction, Teesta decided to follow him. Their vigorous currents ended up submerging and destroying everything in their path.  

As the water level continued to rise, the Lepcha people climbed to the top of Tendong Hill to save themselves from the great flood. Seeing her children in distress, the Mother Creator took the form of a blood pheasant and rescued them from the great deluge. In another version of the lore, it is the blood pheasant that makes an offering to the Mother Creator to appease her and pleads for mercy on behalf of the people.

To this day, the Lepchas of Sikkim celebrate Tendong Lho Rum Faat, an annual festival that commemorates the day they were saved on Mount Tendong.

Merry Christmas!

My youngest aunt loved Christmas. Every December, she’d get super excited about decorating the house. In fact, every year she would recruit me to be a part of her two-person Christmas decoration squad. She actually did most of the heavy lifting; I was just the assistant whose job was to pick up the Christmas tree ornaments from the storage box and hand them to her while she did the actual decorating. She passed away earlier this year.

Every December, I try to design something Christmassy. This year, I decided to make a miniature of the person who made my Christmases special. Mingma Tenzing, my dear rock star aunt, you are deeply missed. ♥️

Merry Christmas, everyone! See you in 2022. 🙂

So I crocheted the Try Guys

It took me two audiobooks—The Hidden Power of F*cking Up by The Try Guys and Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir—to finish these but they are finally done and I couldn’t be happier! Say hello to my Try Guys Collect-A-Boys Figurine inspired amigurumi. 😁

So who’s your favorite Try Guy? 😁

Delirium of The Endless

Our existence deforms the universe. That’s responsibility.” – Delirium, Issue 64 – The Kindly Ones, The Sandman

It was inevitable that after Dream of The Endless [read my previous post here], I’d turn my attention to his youngest sibling Delirium. Amidst a group of rather somber-looking siblings, Delirium is visually presented as an extravagantly colorful character, which can mean only one thing in the amigurumi world—FUN(!).

While I may or may not have spent a substantially large amount of time deciding on the look for Dream, I had my path laid out for me as far as making Delirium was concerned. For continuity, I knew I had to amigurumi-fy Delirium as a child—just like I’d made her brother. So I dug into Jill Thompson’s The Little Endless Storybook and this artwork by Brazilian artist Archiri Usagi for reference.

Normally, I prefer making the head of my amigurumi last [this way, I don’t spoil the surprise for myself by revealing the doll’s facial features and hairdo—to myself—too early! 😆]. But for Delirium, I had to flip my own rule on its head and start with the head first because if you can’t get her eyes and hair right, you might as well forget it.

So I made the head first. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon [and some part of the evening] embroidering French Knot stitches on the sides and back of her head and weaving specialty yarn onto the top. I wish I could say it was fun doing her hair like this but I’ll be honest—it was tedious! I can’t complain about the final look though. 😎

Have you ever been in a situation where you could swear that you have in your stash a particular craft supply that is super critical to your project, only to find out later [read ‘near the completion stage’] that you were wrong? True story! 😫 I had decided to give Delirium a pair of fishnet stockings and I was confident I had black tulle with me. When the time came to give her the stockings, I found out I have quite a few rolls of tulle in varied colors and none of them are black! 😖

Since we are in lockdown v2 with only essential services operating—and tulle unfortunately doesn’t fall under the “essential goods” category, there’s no way I could buy it. So I chopped the leg off a new [but, thankfully, super cheap] pantyhose and sewed a pair of stockings for this little darling. And since I had spent about an hour just sewing the seams of her mini pantyhose, I HAD to take a photo of Delirium doing a Marilyn Monroe-esque pose to show off my hard work. 😋

I hope you like my yarny interpretation of Delirium and also enjoyed reading about how she was made. 🙂

Until next time!

I hope you stay safe and healthy. ❤️


The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman has been one of my favorite comic books. So when Audible released its dramatized audiobook version in July, I started obsessing over this series again. 🤓 I listened to the audiobook—James McAvoy as Dream/Morpheus is an absolute dream by the way , reread the original Gaiman series and its prequel Overture [still not finished as there are 10 volumes, collecting issues 1-75], and then I brought out my hook and yarn to amigurumi-fy the Lord of Dreams.

Then I hit a roadblock: should I stay true to Dream’s portrayal in the comic books and make him tall and deathly thin or should I stick to the amigurumi principle of cuteness and make him chubby and adorable?

While I was debating this, I came across this book written and illustrated by Jill Thompson where the seven Endless siblings are reimagined as toddlers. And Thompson’s illustrations more or less decided the look for me.

Next came Dream’s cape and his power sources. For the former, I decided to go with the flaming cape based on this image [see below] from The Sandman: Overture, which is a prequel to Gaiman’s The Sandman series.

I crocheted a plain black robe and then cross-stitched the flames along the hem.

Figuring out how to make the helm was a bit challenging but this page from The Sandman: Overture worked as an excellent guide.

As for the dreamstone, I hooked up a tiny rectangular piece in red and glued flat-back rhinestones on it. Easy peasy! 😁

The sand pouch was super easy to make; an oval base and around 14 rounds of single crochet stitch was all it took to make this magical object. 😆

I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes of how Morpheus / Dream of the Endless was turned into an amigurumi. Guess which one of the Endless will be amigurumi-fied next? 🙃

Bestie Bee Baby

Meet the fourth Bestie, the Bee Baby! Since we’re having so much fun with the three Besties over at AmigurumiPatterns Ami-Along, we decided to surprise you with one more little friend to add to your Besties collection. Participants of the Ami-Along can download this Bestie Bee Baby pattern from the “Pattern Add-On” thread in the forum. What’s more, by making this Bestie Bee Baby, you also stand a chance to win a package of 50 Colors Must-Have Mini Yarn by Yarn and Colors! 🏆🎁🧶

The Bee Baby is based on one of my closest friends, Jarina. We went from being arch nemesis in primary school to hanging out together in college. The “bee” costume alludes to a private joke, which I won’t be sharing here. Because I value my life. Very much. 🤪 Just know that it’s a very funny joke. Very very funny. 😋

We still have 23 more days to go before this Ami-Along concludes. So if you want to join us and make some Besties, you can sign up here.

Stay home, stay safe, stay crafty. ❤️

Besties Forever Ami-Along

We all love our friends, right? Some of us have friends we have known since our childhood, some we met along the way as we navigated our way through adulthood. Old friends or new, they have all enriched our lives in some way. But with the lockdown imposed in so many countries around the world, many of us haven’t been able to see our friends, at least not physically.

So, to tell our friends how much we love and value them, we are having an Ami-Along at AmigurumiPatterns.net where we will bring out our hooks and yarn—those two magical ingredients!—and make cute amigurumi versions of our besties. Once we finish making our amigurumi Besties, we can surprise our friends with their amigurumi lookalikes (but please meet them only after the lockdown is lifted!). If this sounds like a fun idea, you can head over to AmigurumiPatterns.net and sign up for this month’s Ami-Along, which will run from April 8 to May 13.

Over the course of the next five weeks, we will use this base pattern to create three separate looks. You can get creative and customize the color of their hair and costumes to make the ami resemble your bestie. By the way, did I tell you that the Besties are based on real people? Alright peeps, meet Agnes, Kavita (which means “poetry” in Nepali) & Pema (Tibetan for “lotus”). They have been my friends since first grade and helped me survive school, break-ups and life in general. And even though we are all currently based in different cities, we still keep in touch through text messages and meet whenever we happen to be in the same city. So, in a nutshell, this month’s Ami-Along is an ode to friendship.

As a part of this fun crocheting event, AmigurumiPatterns will also be giving away tons of prizes, ranging from amigurumi paperbacks and e-books to Yarns and Colors yarn packages and Clover crochet hook sets. How amazing is that! Also, for the duration of the Ami-Along, participants can grab my other patterns at a 30% discount.

Left to right: Kavita, Agnes, Pema

I hope you will come join us. You can click here to sign up.

Stay home, stay safe, stay crafty. ❤️