Buddy & Chum


Guess who’s been keeping me company while I write my patterns? These two sweet little fellas, Buddy and Chum. And whenever I feel too tired to work (or sometimes just too lazy to work), they shake their bushy tails in tandem like cheerleaders and howl at me to go on.


Buddy is an absolute gentleman; he never goes anywhere without his tie.


His busy tail is always well combed and styled with just the right amount of hairspray.


Just look at him—he even makes sure everything is color coordinated! Blue shirt, blue planter. Wow, this guy is sorted.


Chum, on the other hand, likes to keep it simple, so much so that his closet is full of button-down shirts—and no, he doesn’t own a tie.


Buddy & Chum are 5 inches tall and will make great desk accessories. Because they have a flat base, they can stand upright without any support. This is a quick project with a fairly simple pattern. The PDF contains step by step photo guide to help you with the slightly difficult bits. If you have not yet tried your hands at colorwork, this pattern will show you how to change colors cleanly. Don’t know how to make back post single crochet stitch? There’s a photo tutorial on how to do it too.whats-inside

Buy the pattern for Buddy & Chum at AmigurumiPatterns here, Ravelry here or at Craftsy here. Because we all need cute little critters to sit with us at our desks and make our work hours less dreary. 🙂

Happy hookin’!



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