Mechanic Mike

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern Mechanic Mike and his wrench are inseparable. He takes it wherever he goes. Who knows when he may come across a kid with a broken toy car that needs fixing!

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi patternMechanic Mike found his calling in life early. When he was just a pup, he figured out the best way to relieve his itchy baby teeth was to sink them into anything that’s chewable. As he chewed through toys that was within his reach, he thought he could do it all day long. It was so much fun!

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern But Mike’s happiness was short-lived. When the human baby that lived in the house with him returned from school and saw his favorite toy car all chewed up, he started crying. No matter how much Mike licked his face, the human baby would not be consoled. It was then Mike realized what had caused the waterworks.

He ran to the tool shed and picked up a wrench; not the largest one, mind you, he’s only a pup. A quick detour to the craft room and he was equipped with a pair of scissors and a roll of tape. He then went into the room where the broken toys were scattered on the floor. Carefully he picked up the pieces and put them together with the sticky tape. A few strands of his fur also got caught between the toy and the tape but Mike was a pup on a mission. He wouldn’t mind losing a bit of fur for his human friend. Then he lifted the heavy wrench with his tiny paw and put the wheels back on the toy car one by one.

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi patternOnce he was done fixing, he surveyed his work. While he agreed it was not perfect, it wasn’t a bad job either. His tiny tail started doing an involuntary jig. Though it’s not quite clear if the human baby appreciated Mike’s attempts at fixing the toy, Mike surely did appreciate the wonders a dog can do with a pair of paws, some simple tools and a bit of ingenuity.

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern He’s had a lot of practice at fixing toys since then and has won a bunch of medals for “being ever so generous with his time and unique skills” and “bringing a smile to many little faces”.

What a wonderfully gifted dog, don’t you agree! The fun bit of news is his pattern is now available so you too can make your very own Mechanic Mike. 🙂 Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern This 9 page PDF contains patterns for this 6 inch/15 cm amigurumi dog, including over 30 step by step photos and illustrations to help you with the slightly difficult bits. While making this amigurumi, you’ll learn how to make seamless color changes while making stripes and working with multiple colors at the same time. Never attempted back post single crochet stitch? There is a link in this PDF to a photo tutorial that will show you exactly how to do it. If you’ve never tried your hands at making a movable head for your amigurumi, this pattern shows how to do that too.

You can buy Mechanic Mike’s pattern at AmigurumiPatterns, Ravelry & CraftsyHappy hookin’!

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi patternFixing broken hearts & toys since 2016 ever since he chewed a boy’s favorite toy car and made him cry.











9 thoughts on “Mechanic Mike

  1. Cynthia Rhodes says:

    Another triumph! Just picked up my copy at Ravelry. How are sales on The Hoodies going? We are having a nice break in hot temperatures and enjoying the cooler high 70s F days. Have been able to just use a window fan at night instead of the air conditioner. We are loving it!

    Hope all of you are well. Give the girls hugs from me and kisses from Digby!

    Love, Cynthia

    • Tales of Twisted Fibers says:

      Thank you so much for your purchase, Cynthia. The Hoodies are doing quite well sales wise. I hope to collect a decent sum by the end of this month after which I’m going to hand it over to the organization I mentioned in my mail. The weather’s come down from hot to warm and it’s been raining too. So can’t complain. Hugs to you and kisses to Digby from me and the girls. ❤

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