Even superheroes go shopping


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K9 is no ordinary dog. He may look sweet but when he puts on his red and blue suit, he transforms into a crime fighting superhero committed to ridding the city of super villains like “Dirty Paws”. He is currently dating KT*, the winner of Miss Dogverse 2014, who has him wound around her pretty little paw. So yes, when you have a girlfriend like KT, even superheroes have to take a break from saving the world and go shopping once in a while. ;)

* Keti (pronounced kay-tee) means a young girl in Nepali. So KT can be short for Katie, or it could simply mean she’s a young girl or that she’s K9’s girl.

The amigurumi pattern for K9 Superhero and his girlfriend KT is now available in my shop. The 12 page pdf contains written instructions and step by step photos on making both K9 and KT who are 8 and 7.5 inches tall with movable heads. You can buy the pattern here.

Alright, so who’s ready for some puppy love? :D

Thank you & see you soon!

Thank you all for your love and support, and the faith you’ve shown in me. I cannot thank you enough for your kind words of encouragement, telling me to continue doing what gives me so much joy and not give into negativity. As some of you have already figured out by now, the accusation that I force people to pay for my free patterns was solely based on someone’s lack of understanding of how blogs work; that if they select to receive email notifications of new comments on this blog, they will get an email every time a new comment is added!

My heartfelt gratitude to my dear friend Cynthia Rhodes who not only stood by me but also took the time to kindly explain to this person the basics of blogging and commenting and that she was not being scammed by anyone. Cynthia, you are a wonderful person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As most of you know, I include a note in all my free patterns for you to consider making a donation to Animal Nepal. My hasty decision to bring down all my free patterns was a panic reaction to this wild allegation that threatened not only to slander my name but also that of a wonderful organization that has been caring for homeless, injured and abused animals in Nepal. I realize I overreacted and hit the panic button too soon without thinking how you all would feel about this. And I’m truly sorry for having upset you. After all the love you’ve given me, taking down this blog or my patterns would be like taking your love and friendship and throwing it back in your face and I’d never do that.

Thank you for all your comments and emails. Most of you don’t know me personally, yet when I was hurt and angry, you reached out to me and helped me heal. You’ve shown me for one negative person who thinks nothing of tearing down a complete stranger, there will be a hundred who’d be willing to stand by you, pick you up when you’re down, and fight for you. Recently I was asked in an interview if I thought crocheting had a therapeutic effect. And I had said yes, it is a stress buster. Now I realize it’s much more than that. It is a thread that binds so many people who may have nothing in common save a love for this craft; people who have never met in person—and probably never will—but are there to encourage and support each other. And I feel blessed to be among such strong, happy folks.

Thank you and see you soon.



Please Read

Dear all,

I’m writing you this note with a heavy heart. This morning a received a blog comment (you can read it here) from a stranger, accusing me of emailing her for money. I do not know if she REALLY was approached by a fraud who has taken my identity or this woman is just an old mean spirit. But there’s something I’d want all of you to know.

I do not email anyone asking for money. So if you received an email from “me” asking for donations, I did not write that mail. The only time I send a private email to anyone is when I receive an email from them first. Even then, I do not ask for donations or payments. Because my free patterns are just that — “free”.

Whenever I upload a free pattern, I post a note requesting people who use my free patterns to ‘consider’ making a donation to Animal Nepal, if they so choose. I do not force anyone to pay anything either directly to me or to any charity. If people donate, as some of you most generously have, it is out of their own free will.

An accusation like this is not only malicious, it is heartbreaking. When I started posting my patterns for free, it was out of my love for amigurumi, and my desire to share my designs with folks like you who share my passion. I know many of you use my patterns for charity, and many of you have not only loved my designs but also generously donated to Animal Nepal. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

In the next couple of days, I’ll be taking down all my free patterns because I’d rather not see my name or that of Animal Nepal (a wonderful organization that cares for sick and homeless animals) maligned. It was a fun ride but sadly it must end now.

Thank you all for your love and support. Take care and be good.



The Little Red Devil


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When I was young, I used to be quite a major pain in a certain part of my parent’s anatomy. I often wonder roughly how many times the pleasant thought of disowning me crossed their minds, and did they see this when they saw me? The Little Red DevilSo tell me, does this little kid in a Halloween costume remind you of a little trouble-on-two-legs in your life? If your answer is yes, why not make this little amigurumi devil for your darling little pain in the butt! ;)

The pattern for this 7 inch amigurumi includes instructions and step-by-step pictures on how to embroider amigurumi hair. Also included is the pattern for a pumpkin. What’s even better, it’s absolutely free! :D


I hope you enjoy this pattern. And would you please consider making a small donation to Animal Nepal if you use this pattern? :)

Thanks for caring.


P.S. Thank you for helping Violet & Ivy make it to the list of top eight “visitors favorite patterns” on amigurumipatterns.net. You guys are the best! :D

Amigurumi Ivy for halloween

Tales of Twisted Fibers:

This is what my new friend V–who helped me test this pattern–has to say about Ivy, my Halloween themed amigurumi pattern. Thanks, V! :)

Originally posted on Mots et Pensées:

When Tales of twisted fibers called for testers for her new pattern, I jumped on the occasion! I was lucky to be chosen for the testing of Ivy.

I have to say that the pattern was Perfect and that there were not many things to fix really. I was so happy to make Ivy that I got carried away and made some mistakes! The colour I chose are not very halloweeny but my Ivy is nicely wicked. She is a protector of children, loves drinking tea with cornichon biscuit (Chon biscuit), and collects rabbits.


Ivy the pink hair little sorceress

The thing that is new for me in term of amigurumi is that Ivy is movable. The use of mini wire make the entire doll alive. The making of Ivy was not very complicated as the explanations were pretty straight forward. It uses very basic crochet technics. I used 4 colours (white, brown…

View original 111 more words

Halloween Amigurumi: Violet & Ivy


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Halloween Special-Violet & Ivy-Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Violet and Ivy are BFFs who do everything together, be it sitting next to each other in class or spending their weekends together doing fun things. And this Halloween, like every other Halloween before, they are going to go treat or tricking together. They have even bought identical outfits for the occasion!

Though the girls may have similar tastes in almost everything, there’s one thing that sets them apart. Ivy loves candies! She spends all her allowance on candies yet she can never have enough of them. Halloween Special-Violet & Ivy-Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted FibersHalloween Special-Violet & Ivy-Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Violet, on the other hand, may not have much of a sweet tooth but she has a major obsession with tea, which is a bit worrisome. Normally, “tea” and “worrisome” are not words you’d use together in a sentence but I’m sure the next couple of pictures will convince you otherwise. Halloween Special-Violet & Ivy-Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Halloween Special-Violet & Ivy-Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers * organic tea from Sikkim

See what I mean? Now put these two girls and their respective obsessions together and this is what you get:Halloween Special-Violet & Ivy-Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Halloween Special-Violet & Ivy-Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Halloween Special-Violet & Ivy-Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Violet and Ivy are 10.5 inch tall without the hat. A wireframe inside give these cute amigurumi girls moveable limbs and head, making them fully poseable. Just imagine the endless fun you can have making them pose for the camera!

You can buy the pattern for Violet and Ivy here. The 18-page PDF includes patterns for both the girls, along with detailed, step-by-step photo instructions on working with wires, and making moveable limbs and head. Halloween Special-Violet & Ivy-Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers These amigurumis were made using cruelty-free acrylic yarn. You can click here to see why I don’t use or recommend yarn that contains wool or any other animal fiber.

I hope you have fun with this pattern. And please remember to keep your amigurumi cruelty-free :)




Calling pattern testers!


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UPDATE (August 18, 2014): Thank you so much for your overwhelming response! I honestly wasn’t really expecting to hear from so many of you :) I’m now closing the call for submissions because, going by the sheer number of wonderful folks showing their interest in testing my patterns, I will probably have to come up with loads and loads of patterns and then some more! Thanks again for all your love and support. You all are too awesome! :)

Hello wonderful folks! Would you be interested in becoming a volunteer pattern tester for me? I’ve made premium patterns for a couple of new and extremely cute (if I may say so myself!) amigurumis and it’d be awesome if you signed up to test them for me :)- some of my old designs -

So what does a pattern tester do?

  • make the amigurumi, following the materials list and instructions as closely as possible
  • point out areas where the instructions are unclear or erroneous, and suggest improvements to the instructions if necessary
  • take photo(s) of your finished amigurumi and email them to me along with your feedback within the given time frame
  • though this is not mandatory, it would be great if you check for spelling and grammar errors

As soon as the pattern goes on sale, I’ll send you the final version of the pattern—besides loads and loads of digital hugs and eternal gratitude—to thank you for your help :)

Interested? Then fill in the form below.


Thanks so much for your time. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Super TED Free Amigurumi Pattern


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Super TED - free amigurumi pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Hiya all! This is Super TED, a tiny little superhero teddy bear.

Super TED - free amigurumi pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers During the day, he’s like just any other sweet little teddy bear, a friend to little kids. But once the lullabies are sung and the little ones drift into the dream world, Super TED turns into a warrior—a deadly 4-inch foe to monsters hiding under the bed. POW!

Super TED is a super simple—and free!—amigurumi pattern, perfect for beginners. For the more experienced, it’s still a fun and quick stash busting project.


Super TED - free amigurumi pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers If you liked this free amigurumi pattern, would you please consider making a small donation to an organization that works for animal welfare in Nepal?

Animal Nepal is a not for profit, animal welfare and rights organization. It runs two sanctuaries for homeless and injured animals as well as abused working animals, besides campaigning for animal rights. If you want to see the wonderful work these folks do, you can check out their Facebook page or their blog. You can also help them by donating here.

Thank you for caring. I hope you’ll enjoy this pattern :)



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