Beach Bunnies Free Amigurumi Pattern


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Beach Bunnies_Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted FibersBeach Bunnies_Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Beach Bunnies_Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted FibersBeach Bunnies_Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Beach Bunnies_Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Beach Bunnies_Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Beach Bunnies_Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Beach Bunnies_Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers Beach Bunnies_Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted FibersDOWNLOAD PATTERN

If you loved this free pattern, would you please consider making a small donation to an organization that works for animal welfare in Nepal?

Animal Nepal is a not for profit organization committed to improving the lives of animals in Nepal. This small, underfunded—yet fiercely committed—organization has been treating, neutering/spaying street dogs, providing them shelter, and helping them find their forever home. Animal Nepal is also known for their relentless fight against animal abuse—a widespread problem in Nepal—including those of working equines and working elephants.

If you want to help Animal Nepal, please click here to make a donation.

Thank you for caring.



Mr. Mojo Risin’


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Mister Mojo Amigurumi DesignI never thought I’d have to put up a parental advisory warning on my blog. But there it is, slapped right on top of that photograph. So if you are not supposed to walk into a liquor store and buy yourself a six-pack, you’re not supposed to read this post either. Sorry, but that’s how it goes. Well, as for the rest of us grownups, I guess we can all handle a bit of ‘explicit content’ involving an amigurumi dude and his amigurumi spliff ;)

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Mister Mojo, a storyteller par excellence and a connoisseur of erm… herbs! Mister Mojo Amigurumi Design Mister Mojo can’t remember the last time he washed his hair. Or his shirt. Or his Bermuda shorts. What he cannot forget though are the ghost stories his dad told him when he was just a child. Though I doubt his dad won any ‘Father of the Year Award’, the old fella sure did turn a young Mojo’s head into a repertory of creepy stories.  Mister Mojo Amigurumi Design That’s why every time Mister Mojo lights up one, he gets into a storyteller mode, getting more and more animated as the bone-chilling story progresses. And you know what, he manages to scare the crap out of everyone, every single time. So if you see this dude with a smoking herb stick, hide your children mommies and daddies—or they will be scar(r)ed for life! Mister Mojo Amigurumi DesignP.S. This amigurumi was made for P, the wonderful guy I happen to be married to :)

P.P.S. Yes, he loved it :D

Bitsy, the baby in a Donkey Suit


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??????????Bitsy, the baby in a Donkey Suit?????????????????Here she is, as promised. Baby Bitsy in a donkey suit! But before we get to the free pattern, there’s something I want to share first. Regular visitors to this blog already know I never give up on an opportunity to tell a story based on my amigurumi characters; today’s not going to be any different :PBitsy, the baby in a Donkey SuitThe idea to give this baby a donkey suit came to me after reading a few news articles on the “Brick Donkeys” of Nepal. Unlike this sweet little amigurumi baby in its pretty jumpsuit, what I’m about to tell you today is not pretty. It’s either going to jolt you into action or swear you off this blog permanently.

The brick factories in Kathmandu employ some 1500 donkeys and mules. In a country without any laws governing the welfare of animals, the abuse is rampant. Each animal is made to carry 3,000 to 5,000 raw mud bricks a day to and from the furnace. The animals are beaten relentlessly by their handlers. Pregnant donkeys work up to the day of delivery and are given only a few days to recover. These “brick donkeys” are underfed (most donkeys suffer from dehydration and malnutrition), overworked and exposed to serious hazard in the course of the work. A majority of them have open wounds. Some have wounds so severe that their spine and vertebrae are exposed (click here to see the condition of working equines in Nepal). Once the animals become too sick to work, they are left to die. In short, they are worked to death!

These are the brutalities working animals in Nepal have to face every day of their lives. From these horrible stories of animal abuse and torture was born Bitsy, the baby in a donkey suit.Bitsy, the baby in a Donkey SuitDOWNLOAD THE PATTERN

I hope Little Bitsy serves as a reminder to us all that only we can right the wrongs being inflicted on these voiceless creatures.

Animal Nepal, a not for profit organization working for animal rights, runs The Godavari Donkey Sanctuary, a rehabilitation center for the rescued, handicapped and sick working equines. This small, underfunded—yet fiercely committed—organization also runs another animal shelter where they treat, neuter/spay street dogs, provide them shelter, and help them find their forever home. Animal Nepal, which has been providing free treatment and sanctuary to sick and abandoned draft animals since its establishment in 2004, has also been advocating a day’s leave every week for the working animals and fighting for a ban on these “blood bricks”.

If you love my free pattern, please consider making a small donation to Animal Nepal to help them in their mission.


You can also help by signing this petition to urge the Government of Nepal to stop equine abuse, and force the brick industry to become responsible.


Thank you so much for caring :)


UPDATE (April 03, 2014): Bitsy’s pattern is now available in Dutch, thanks to Amifan who translated the pattern. The pattern can be downloaded from her Ravelry page.

REVISION (February 21, 2014): The pattern has been revised. A few silly errors had managed to creep in, but thanks to CodyJunk who kindly pointed them out, they have been fixed :)

Round 6: inc dec X 4, sc 10. (14)
Round 7: inc dec X 5, sc 4. (9)

Round 8-9: sc around. (38) (42)

For Marius


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Baby Bitsy & Marius the GiraffeI know it’s been a while since my last post. And I probably wouldn’t post today either had it not been for Marius.

Earlier this week, two year old Marius was killed. The Copenhagen Zoo thought his genes were too common, something that did not suit their breeding program. So they shot him, chopped up his body in full view of the public, which included children, and fed his carcass to other zoo animals. Why? Because this healthy young giraffe was deemed too common, too ordinary.

Now another Danish zoo, Jyllands Park Zoo, says it may kill a seven year old male giraffe, coincidentally also named Marius, because the zoo considers himunsuitable for breeding”.

If the idea that some lives are less bothers you, please take a moment to sign this online petition that urges the zoo to spare Marius’ life and find a more compassionate alternative when it comes to dealing with surplus animals or animals deemed not fit to breed within the zoo.


Baby Bitsy & Marius the GiraffeBy the way, that’s Bitsy, the baby in a donkey suit, and her friend Marius, the giraffe. Next week, I’ll be back with a free amigurumi pattern for Bitsy. So until next week, take care and have a fabulous Valentine’s Day.

One more thing. Baby Bitsy and Marius said to tell you “Thank you for caring” :)

The Runaway Snowman


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Runaway Snowman Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted FibersLast time, the first rays of the sun heralding the end of winter had done it for him. From a handsome snowman adored by the neighborhood children, he had been reduced to slush, trampled on by practically everyone. One nasty kid had even kicked his hat away! It was at that point he had made up his mind that next time he’d run away to North Pole where that spoil sport sun would never be able to melt him.

And that’s exactly what he did this time. The moment people started building him, our little hero started working on his master plan. First, he focused on figuring out where he could find a pair of snow boots. That one was easy—out on the patio of that yellow house. It was a slightly old pair, but it would get the job done.

His next move was to wait patiently until everyone went indoors and retired for the night. This one was certainly not easy. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Even snowmen get bored, you know! After the last kid went indoors, our brave snowman slowly inched towards the yellow house, grabbed the boots from the patio, and off he went—to boldly go where no snowman had gone before. To the North Pole!

Finally after days of walking (and minimal adventure), he reached the North Pole where he told all the snow folks the story of his  great escape. Mesmerized by his tales of adventure (apparently it doesn’t take much to impress the snow people), the snow folks unanimously decided to make him the head of their North Pole Decoration Committee. Their reasoning for offering him this position: he was the only one among them who had seen how people around the world decorated their homes for Christmas, which made him the best snowman for the job!

Of course, there was that red-nosed fellow named Rudolf who had probably seen more over the years during his annual jaunts with jolly old Nick, but the poor fellow’s area of expertise laid more towards taking off the decorations (albeit unknowingly) with his antlers than putting them up for display. This practically ruined any chances of Rudolf ever being offered a membership to this hallowed committee. But I digress.

As I was saying, for the first time in his several lifetimes, our little snowman was truly happy. And he was home, among his own kind! The end of Christmas would also no longer mean the end of him, thanks to his presence of mind and a pair of muddy old boots. Runaway Snowman Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted FibersSo there is our runaway snowman, showing other snow folks how to make little Christmassy banners to hang all over the North Pole. And going by the looks of it, he seems to be doing a mighty fine job.

This little fella is certainly going to add some Christmassy cheer to my place. If you love cute little amigurumi snowmen and cheerful banners, you can download this free pattern and make one for yourself.


I hope you will enjoy this pattern as much you’ve loved all my other amigurumis.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

Thank you!


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I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

First the bad news. Foxy O’Neal, Miss Kitty Catty, and Cuddles & Buddy didn’t make it to the top three in the amigurumi design contest hosted by amigurumipatterns :( But participating was fun and the contest also provided an excellent opportunity for designers to showcase their work to a wider audience. The contest introduced me to some amazing designers whose works I’ll be following with much enthusiasm from now on. On that note, a big thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for my entries. I truly appreciate your love and support :)

And now the good news. I have been approached by amigurumipatterns, the amazing people behind the hugely popular Zoomigurumi series, to write patterns for their next amigurumi pattern book. Yay! *doing a little happy dance* So unless I somehow manage to majorly screw up this opportunity, you will see two of my designs—Foxy O’Neal and Miss Kitty Catty—in their next yet-to-be-titled publication that’s tentatively slated for a May 2014 release. This is definitely going to be a fun experience and a great learning opportunity for me :D

In the meantime, let me show you what Foxy O’Neal and Miss Kitty Catty have been up to. Foxy-O'Neal - Tales of Twisted FibersFoxy O’Neal, our little basketball champ, has already packed his bag for his trip to Belgium where he has been invited by the publisher for a photo shoot, followed by book signing sessions. I keep telling him it’s a bit early to be packing his bags since the book is due for a May release, but who listens to me anymore! *sigh* It’s always the cute ones that break your heart ;)Miss-Kitty-Catty---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersMiss Kitty Catty, as you can see, has also packed her bags and is ready for her trip to Belgium where the publisher will arrange a photo shoot for her, following which she will be attending book signing events. Though these events are scheduled for next year, Miss Kitty Catty keeps telling me “it’s always the early bird that catches the worm”. Now I’d say that’s one nutty kitty who’s interested only in the worm that the birds feed on and not the birdy itself!

That’s all for today. Keep warm, crochet on, and be awesome :)

Show some love, please?


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You know I’ve a penchant for making up silly stories for my amigurumis. There have been occasions when I even subjected you to my goofy comic strips about the mischievous twins and a crime fighting schoolgirl. So when, the treasure-trove of all things amigurumi, announced it was hosting its first “animal at work” themed amigurumi design contest where the contestants had to not only design “the cutest animal and give him or her some nice crocheted workwear or tools” but also create a story for their amigurumis, I jumped right in.

So ladies and gentlemen, allow me to unveil my three entries for this exciting contest. Presenting *drumroll* Foxy O’Neal, Miss Kitty Catty, and Cuddles & Buddy! Foxy O'Neal Foxy O’Neal (a.k.a. Slam Dunk), the 8 inch tall basketball champ, is fully poseable with wired limbs and a movable head. This gives him the flexibility to make high jumps, net the ball, and score for his team. Isn’t he adorable? Now is the chance to show him how much you love him :)


Miss Kitty CattyOur 14 inch feline amigurumist, Miss Kitty Catty, also boasts of fully movable limbs, which gives her dexterity to create cute little amigurumi teddy bears. She’s extremely quick with the hook and can whip up a few teddy bears in no time. Okay people, a gorgeous amigurumi-making cat that does not scratch! I know it’s impossible not to want to vote for this cutie-pie. Go ahead, click on that link that says VOTE, don’t be shy :D


Cuddles & Buddy You already know Cuddles and Buddy. Their free patterns were earlier posted here as the “Holiday Bears”. Though these newly appointed Santa’s assistants are only 5.5 inches and 8 inches tall, they can beat anyone at gobbling up large quantities of chocolate pudding. They can also seriously raise the cuteness bar. You love them, don’t you? So why don’t you go ahead and show them some love :)


The voting for this amigurumi design contest is currently underway at where everyone can vote for their five favorite designs till November 30. All you need to do to submit your vote is click on the red heart button on five of your favorite amigurumis, then enter your name and email address in the pop-up screen. I know you have always loved my amigurumis. So will you please show some love and vote for them? :)


Thank you so much for your love and support :)

Serah, Tales of Twisted Fibers

Miniature Christmas Tree & Angels


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Now that the spooky season is over, this post is all about treats—no tricks whatsoever :D Grab your hooks, ladies and gentlemen who crochet, I bring free patterns! Introducing *drumrolls* my miniature amigurumi Christmas tree and angels! Miniature-Christmas-Tree-&-Angels--Tales-of-Twisted-FibersThese tiny angels are 4.5 inches tall and require only small amounts of yarn to make. Miniature-Christmas-Tree-&-Angels--Tales-of-Twisted-Fibers Miniature-Christmas-Tree-&-Angels--Tales-of-Twisted-FibersStanding 5 inches tall, just 0.5” taller than these little winged cuties, is the miniature Christmas Tree, which is so simple to make, even your cat can hook up one in an evening ;) So if you are looking for a fun, quick and easy Christmas-themed stash busting project, this one is just what the doctor ordered. Miniature-Christmas-Tree-&-Angels_download--Tales-of-Twisted-FibersWant more free patterns for quick and easy Christmas amigurumi projects? My dear friend Vanja’s blog too has caught the Christmas fever. Check out her adorable Christmas tree ornaments, if you haven’t already.

And just in case you missed my last post, there’s more Holiday-themed goodies in there (think cute little teddy bears in warm, nice hats).

Until next time, keep warm and crochet on :)

Update (November 10, 2013): The Miniature Christmas Tree & Angels pattern is now available in Danish, thanks to Marianne who translated the pattern. The Danish pattern can now be downloaded from her blog.

Linking this project to “From Dream To Reality #91″ hosted by Christine

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