Lazy Bears

lazybears1With the Holiday season almost upon us, there are gifts to make for those on our “nice list” and handmade gift shops to stock. And there’s soooo little time. Keeping in mind the craziness of the season, I designed (what I think is) the perfect little bear, which uses the simplest of stitches, requires only small amounts of yarn to make, and demands very little of your time. What’s more, you can customize the colors to make it appropriate for any season. And the pattern is free!

lazybears2Made with sock weight yarn and a 2.5mm hook, these bears stand 3.5 inches tall (till the tip of their ears). Add the hat and the height comes up to approximately 5.5 inches. Because they are so quick and easy to make—and so very cute to look at if I say so myself, they’ll make great gifts for your amigurumi loving friends and family.


lazybears4You can even add a string on top and use these Lazy Bears as Christmas tree ornaments (if you are into big ornaments) or you can use a lighter weight yarn and make smaller versions of them. When made with thinner yarn or crochet thread, they will also make great charms for key rings and tote bags.

lazybears5I hope fellow crocheters who sell what they make and crocheters who hook for charity will love this pattern too because, as I pointed out earlier, it is a quick and easy pattern that requires very less craft resources.



I hope you enjoy making these Lazy Bears as much as I enjoyed designing them for you. And I hope you’ll use your mad crochet skills to make a few of them as gifts because right now the world really needs hugs and teddy bears.

Hugs (and teddy bears!),


P.S. I named them Lazy Bears not because they’re lazy but because I think they make a perfect project for lazy crocheters like me. 😛 Also because they were inspired by my two lazy furbabies, one of whom turned seven today.

Our lovely birthday girl

Our lovely birthday girl

If you liked this free amigurumi pattern, would you please consider making a small donation to Animal Nepal? Animal Nepal is a not for profit, animal welfare and rights organization based in Lalitpur, Nepal, which runs two sanctuaries for abused and injured homeless/working animals. This organization is also in the forefront of campaigning for animal rights. If you want to see the wonderful work these folks do, you can check out their Facebook page or their blog. You can also help them by donating here.

Thank you for caring.

Mechanic Mike

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern Mechanic Mike and his wrench are inseparable. He takes it wherever he goes. Who knows when he may come across a kid with a broken toy car that needs fixing!

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi patternMechanic Mike found his calling in life early. When he was just a pup, he figured out the best way to relieve his itchy baby teeth was to sink them into anything that’s chewable. As he chewed through toys that was within his reach, he thought he could do it all day long. It was so much fun!

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern But Mike’s happiness was short-lived. When the human baby that lived in the house with him returned from school and saw his favorite toy car all chewed up, he started crying. No matter how much Mike licked his face, the human baby would not be consoled. It was then Mike realized what had caused the waterworks.

He ran to the tool shed and picked up a wrench; not the largest one, mind you, he’s only a pup. A quick detour to the craft room and he was equipped with a pair of scissors and a roll of tape. He then went into the room where the broken toys were scattered on the floor. Carefully he picked up the pieces and put them together with the sticky tape. A few strands of his fur also got caught between the toy and the tape but Mike was a pup on a mission. He wouldn’t mind losing a bit of fur for his human friend. Then he lifted the heavy wrench with his tiny paw and put the wheels back on the toy car one by one.

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi patternOnce he was done fixing, he surveyed his work. While he agreed it was not perfect, it wasn’t a bad job either. His tiny tail started doing an involuntary jig. Though it’s not quite clear if the human baby appreciated Mike’s attempts at fixing the toy, Mike surely did appreciate the wonders a dog can do with a pair of paws, some simple tools and a bit of ingenuity.

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern He’s had a lot of practice at fixing toys since then and has won a bunch of medals for “being ever so generous with his time and unique skills” and “bringing a smile to many little faces”.

What a wonderfully gifted dog, don’t you agree! The fun bit of news is his pattern is now available so you too can make your very own Mechanic Mike. 🙂 Mechanic Mike - amigurumi pattern This 9 page PDF contains patterns for this 6 inch/15 cm amigurumi dog, including over 30 step by step photos and illustrations to help you with the slightly difficult bits. While making this amigurumi, you’ll learn how to make seamless color changes while making stripes and working with multiple colors at the same time. Never attempted back post single crochet stitch? There is a link in this PDF to a photo tutorial that will show you exactly how to do it. If you’ve never tried your hands at making a movable head for your amigurumi, this pattern shows how to do that too.

You can buy Mechanic Mike’s pattern at AmigurumiPatterns, Ravelry & CraftsyHappy hookin’!

Mechanic Mike - amigurumi patternFixing broken hearts & toys since 2016 ever since he chewed a boy’s favorite toy car and made him cry.










The Hoodies

The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (1)Meet best friends Chip, Addy & Clara, collectively known as the Hoodies. Though no one’s quite sure how they got that name, one can guess it has something to do with the skateboarding trio hitting the neighborhood streets everyday wearing their favorite hooded sweatshirts and executing perfect kickflips. The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (2)Aren’t they just adorable! The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (3)At 5.5 inches, these little Hoodies are quick and easy to make, and will appeal to kids and grownups alike. The Hoodies Amigurumi Pattern

This 12 page PDF contains patterns for Chip, Addy & Clara, including instructions, step by step photos and illustrations on how to make a movable head for your amigurumi and how to embroider their hair. The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (1)You can buy this pattern at AmigurumiPatterns, Ravelry & Craftsy.

Happy hookin’! 🙂



Amigurumi Circus

Come one, come all! Welcome to the greatest show of the year where you will witness balls of yarn magically turn into the most adorable little entertainers! Grab your ticket, take your seat and let Choppy, the clumsy juggler, welcome you to the AMIGURUMI CIRCUS.

Amigurumi Circus - Choppy - Tales of Twisted Fibers (2)

Background vector graphics courtesy Freepik

Amigurumi Circus—published by Meteoor bvba—contains 13 seriously cute amigurumi circus characters designed by 11 designers. Sharing the stage with these adorable circus stars is my very own clumsy little Choppy. 🙂 You can see all the other designs here.


This book is a result of the design contest held in December last year by  which saw a participation of over 200 designers from around the world. How amazing is that!

Like all books published by Meteoor bvba, Amigurumi Circus has projects for crocheters of all skill levels. What you can expect from this book is clear instructions accompanied by step by step pictures to guide you through all the difficult bits of the pattern, and lots of pictures of the amigurumi characters that show you what the finished product will actually look like from various angles. For those new to crochet, there’s even a handy illustrated section on how to make all of the stitches used in these patterns.

Amigurumi Circus - Choppy - Tales of Twisted Fibers (1)

Background vector graphics courtesy Freepik

The presale of this book is on from now till June 25. If you order your copy now, you’ll also receive a free PDF edition of the book, which means you can start making your favorite amigurumis right away! To order your copy, click here.

Before I wrap up this post, a massive thank you to everyone who voted for Choppy and all the other fabulous designs. This book would never have been possible without you. I hope you’ll enjoy all the patterns in this book as much as we enjoyed creating them. 🙂

Cut Out + Keep: Knit & Crochet Superstar

BitsyGreetings, fellow hookers!

I have been featured as the (Knit &) Crochet Superstar on the UK based craft website Cut Out + Keep where, in an interview with its founder Cat Morley, I talk about my designs, my favorite knit and crochet toy designers, Animal Nepal, and how my first attempt at making an amigurumi went horribly wrong. You can read the interview here.

From May 9 to 15, seven of my amigurumi patterns will be featured on the Cut Out + Keep Superstar section, one pattern a day. The first pattern featured today is Baby Bitsy. Visit Cut Out + Keep from Monday to Sunday to see all the featured patterns.

Follow Cut Out + Keep on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up with all the amazing craft tutorials.

Happy hookin’!


Celebrate with Stitchee!

Pattern-covers_cmprsdErika de Niet is celebrating and she has invited you to join the fun! To mark the 5th anniversary of her craft shop Stitchee, Erika is holding a contest with the theme “celebrate” that challenges you to explore your fun, creative side. The winners stand to win some awesome prizes too! 🙂

THEME: Crochet/ knit/ felt/ cross stitch/ sew/ quilt/ paper craft something that goes with the theme of “celebration”.

CATEGORIES: This contest has the following five categories (of which the first four are open to BeNeLux participants only).

  1. Bring out your needles and hooks and knit and/or crochet something with the theme of celebration.
  2. If you are a sewing or quilting wiz, dip into your fabric stash and create the magic of celebration.
  3. If other forms of handicraft are more your style, go ahead, create and celebrate your craft. You can felt, cross stitch, paper craft—use any medium, it’s up to you.
  4. The fourth category is open to children from primary school where they can create a project on the theme using any of the crafts they are comfortable with.
  5. The final category is open internationally. So if you live outside the BeNeLux Union, this category is exclusively for you. You can create anything on the theme using any form of crafts mentioned above and you too stand to win some amazing goodies.

PRIZES: Oh yes, now we’re talking! 😉 There’s a first prize and runners up prizes for each of the five categories and these are the prizes.

  1. Knit/Crochet: Scheepjes kit: CAL 2014 worth €50
  2. Fabric: A surprise package with six fat quarters and more worth around €40
  3. Other forms of handicraft: A package for making felt elephants worth €40
  4. Children from primary school: A clay package
  5. International category: A bundle of 14 knit and crochet patterns of the winner’s choice from 10 designers! The patterns are provided by Rebeckah’s Treasures, Cilla Webb, Mary’s Amiland, Yarn Society, Lalylala, Spicy Tuesday Crafts, Susan Claudino/NoKnitSherlock, Tiny Owl Knits, Carola van Groen, and yours truly, Tales of Twisted Fibers. 😀

To top it with a cherry, Erika is offering a Grand Prize of a BOM quilt with all fabric worth a whopping  €300! Sweet, isn’t it!

So, a recap: make something crafty with the theme ‘Celebrate’ using any or all forms of handicrafts. Send your finished project(s) to Stitchee, Molendijk 47, 3262AH Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands. Or you can post two to three images of your creation on Stitchee’s Ravelry group here. Your project(s) must be submitted by August 20, 2016.

For more information, visit Erika’s blog or Stitchee’s Ravelry page.

ABOUT ERIKA DE NIET: Erika is a crochet designer and the queen of all things crafty. By her own admission, she’s dabbled in it all: be it crochet, knitting, sewing, felting, cross stitch, or paper craft. And loved every minute of it! After working as a primary school teacher for 10 years (during which she always made time to indulge in her passion for crafts), Erika started on her “dream job” and opened Stitchee, a handicraft shop on September 1, 2011. Her shop is chock-full of crochet, knit, felt and sewing supplies. You can check out her shop on Facebook.

Erika lives in Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands, with her husband Jurgen and their cat Poekie.

The Amazing SuperKids

Hello! Long time! I know I’ve not been posting much lately but you know how life tends to get in the way of crocheting. We’ve all been there. The struggle is real. 😉 This post is going to be short because I managed to get my right hand stuck between the jaws of an angry dog(!). Yeah, I know, I can be exceptionally good at being stupid but don’t worry, the dog is fine (and sleeping next to my desk as I type this).

So allow me to quickly unveil my first amigurumi pattern of the year (and it’s free!). Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the Amaaaazing SuperKids! 😀

SuperKids by Tales of Twisted Fibers_free superhero amigurumi pa

Made with sock weight yarn, this adorable crime fighting duo stand 8 inches tall and come with their own removable capes.

SuperKids by Tales of Twisted Fibers_free superhero amigurumi patternOh, and the boy has a cool eye mask.

I decided not to give the girl an eye mask because she already has too many details around her face (eyelashes and green fringe) and adding more to it—and this is entirely my opinion—would be an overkill. But you can totally make her an eye mask if you want. If I can design an prepubescent superhero with a mohawk, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t craft a pink eye mask for little superhero with green hair. 😉

SuperKids by Tales of Twisted Fibers_free superhero amigurumi patternDOWNLOAD PATTERN

To download the pattern in DUTCH, translated by our fellow crocheter Nanske, click here.

If you prefer to add the DUTCH version of this pattern to your Ravelry library, we’ve got that covered for you too! Amigurumi designer Amifan and I collaborated to  bring you this Dutch edition of De verbazingwekkende SuperKids. How cool is that! 🙂 Click here to get this pattern.

Before I wrap up this post, I want to thank amifan, Monika Weber, Mia Svensson, Anouska Wheeler and Jade Cordova for helping me test this pattern. You ladies are a joy to work with. Thank you so much! 😀 Thanks to P, my partner in crime, for coming up with the mohawk idea. This little superhero looks badass because of you. 😛

If you liked this free amigurumi pattern, would you please consider making a small donation to Animal Nepal? Animal Nepal is a not for profit, animal welfare and rights organization based in Lalitpur, Nepal, which runs two sanctuaries for abused and injured homeless/working animals. This organization is also in the forefront of campaigning for animal rights. If you want to see the wonderful work these folks do, you can check out their Facebook page or their blog. You can also help them by donating here.

Thank you for caring.