Super Panda & Instagram Giveaway

“Hi! I’m Super Panda and you can meet me in the July issue of Happily Hooked Magazine. I’m 20.5 cm tall, very easy to make, and you will need only three colors to make me. Oh, and I can stand on my own without any support.”

UPDATE: October 7, 2018. The pattern is now available as a single download here.

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Good luck & happy hookin’! ❤

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Bè Bè Babies

Meet Bè Bè Babies. Aren’t they cute, especially with their “bobbly” heads! I love working with bobble stitch. I just love the way this stitch makes your work pop up. If you—like me—are a fan of this fun stitch, you’ll be happy to know that this stitch is the highlight of this pattern featured in the June issue of  Happily Hooked Magazine.

This month’s issue is all about “Super Textures”. The designers have used fun stitches like bobbles, puffs, cables, and clusters to create a lovely selection of garments, accessories and toys. I’m already in love with the Bobble Sweater on the cover. 😍 Also on the cover is one of my Bè Bè Babies [yay!]. He’s sitting on my desk right now, just next to the computer, and I am having a hard time resisting the urge to squish him. 😉

Just look at this little munchkin’s bobbly head, floppy ears and itty-bitty tail. And he comes with his own cute little backpack! Wouldn’t you like to squish him too?

If you want to make these Bè Bè Babies, you can grab the latest issue of Happily Hooked Magazine here or on Ravelry.

UPDATE: October 7, 2018. The pattern is now available as a single download here.

Have fun hookin’! ❤


P.S. Thanks to these lovely crocheters for testing this pattern: AmiFan, Mia Svensson, Fiona McQueen, Veronique Flawine, Viviana Lores & Monika Weber.

Ash Vs Evil Dead Amigurumi

Raise your hands if you were bummed out by Starz network’s decision to cancel Ash Vs Evil Dead after its third season. I, for one, was totally devastated. Starz, how could you! Sob, sob. Sniffle, sniffle. Bawl, bawl. Not groovy, not groovy at all.

Now that Bruce Campbell has also announced he’s hanging up his chainsaw for good, I felt the time was right for a yarny tribute to our chainsaw-handed hero Ash J. Williams—portrayed by the charismatic Bruce Campbell—who has been fighting the terrors of the evil dead since 1981. So, in a true Ash fashion, I avoided all deadlines and responsibilities for a week to create this 8.5 inch amigurumi version of “jefe” Ash Williams. And because I want an amigurumi army of Ash J. Williams to colonize this planet, I wrote a pattern for it too. To join me in my mission, download this free pattern by clicking on the link at the end of this post, make as many Ash Willaims as you can, and gift them to your Ash Vs Evil Dead-loving friends and family.

Yes, Jefe, we are working on it. It should be ready by the end of this post.


So, about the amigurumi. It’s an intermediate level pattern that requires very small amounts of yarn. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is, since the pattern has a lot of details, it requires a bit of sewing and embroidery skills, working with wires and wire cutters, and a whole lot of patience.


Look at that! This groovy dude has a detachable chainsaw…

…and wired arms, which means you can pose his arms at different angles and take super awesome photos like this. Oh, and the amigurumi can stand on its own without any support. Isn’t that sweet! Now download the free pattern, make your very own Ash Williams and save the world from the Deadites.



Happy hookin’! ❤


If you liked this free pattern, would you please consider making a small donation to Animal Nepal? Animal Nepal is a not for profit, animal welfare and rights organization based in Lalitpur, Nepal, which runs two sanctuaries for abused and injured homeless/working animals. This organization is also in the forefront of campaigning for animal rights. If you want to see the wonderful work these folks do, you can check out their Facebook page or their blog. You can also help them by donating here.

 Thank you for caring.

Wild Things Amigurumi Pins

I’m super excited to tell you that my Wild Things Amigurumi Pins is published in the December issue of Happily Hooked crochet magazine. The pattern includes a set of three* animal brooches that can be worn as a brooch, used as an embellishment on your tote bags, or it can even be easily converted into a cute keychain charm. This super quick and easy project requires very small amounts of yarn and you can make a bunch of these in a couple of hours.

*UPDATE: October 7, 2018. The pattern, which now contains instructions for making five animal pins, is also available as a single download here.

In fact, this month’s issue of Happily Hooked is full of quick, last minute gift ideas. From warm and pretty hats, scarves and blankets to cute amigurumi to tasteful home décor items, the issue contains a variety of delicious crochet projects that can be whipped up in an evening. If you—like me—enjoy quick and easy Holiday projects, you need to get this issue! 😁

What’s more, this month you can get 20% off the digital magazine subscription when you subscribe via my affiliate link below.

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Happy hookin’! ❤


P.S. Thanks to these wonderful ladies for testing this pattern: AmiFan, Monika Weber, Fiona McQueen, Veronique Flawine, Mia Svensson, & Viviana Lores. What would I do without you! 😘

Thank you!

Little Bobbles wants to thank everyone who voted for him. And in case you’re the one who’s been leaving sexy underwear outside his door, he wants you to know he’s truly flattered by the fanfare. 😋

On a serious note, thank you so much to everyone who voted for this little angel in the Amigurumi Fantasy Creatures Design Contest. Bobbles and I truly appreciate your support. In case you haven’t voted yet, there’s still a few hours left before the voting closes. By voting for your 10 favorite entries, you also stand a chance to win “100 Must-Have Minis yarn balls” by Yarn and Colors. How amazing is that!

You can vote for Bobbles here.

Thank you! ❤️

Bobbles, the Baby Angel

Angels come in all shapes and sizes. For me, he came in an 8-inch frame.

Allow me to explain.

 Every year, [folks behind the cutest amigurumi books in the planet] organizes a contest for amigurumi designers. When they announced this year’s theme—Fantasy Creatures, I was super excited. Lately I’ve been bingeing on quite a bit of fantasy and mythology books and I knew exactly what I was going to make for the contest—Faun, a mythological half-human, half goat.

First, I made a rough sketch of my design would look like. Then I made the hooved legs and the upper body.

Next, I sat down to work on the arms. As you can see in the pic above, the whole thing was going to be wired from the inside, right down to the fingertips, to make every inch of this toy movable. I was so excited about the whole idea. It was going to be big and it was going to be glorious! In my excitement, I worked non-stop and neglected to listen to my body. Next day I woke up with swollen and painful wrist and fingers. This was back in September. I haven’t been able to crochet since. 😞

So as you must have guessed already, my Faun design is still in the WIP bin. Which brought me to the conclusion: I was not going to meet the contest deadline. It was a depressing thought. After all, I have been participating in this annual design contest every year since its inception. I was totally bummed!

It was then this angelic little fella who I had made many moons ago, asked me if he could participate. I told him I couldn’t be happier! I mean just when I had given up, he flapped his cute little wings and everything was alright again. 😁

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bobbles, the baby angel, my entry for “Amigurumi Fantasy Creatures Design Contest”.

Bobbles is an angel responsible for finding missing underwear. Yes, you read that right! Every time an exceptionally mischievous child discards his underoos in the bathroom [just because he feels like it] or flings it under the couch [just to annoy his mom], Bobbles promptly swoops in, retrieves the offending piece, and quietly drops it in the laundry bin. Granted it is not the most glamorous job but he saves moms around the world quite a bit of bother. Isn’t he such an angel!

If you find Bobbles cute enough to be among the stars of this contest, will you please take a moment to vote for him here?

This year, voters also stand to win some amazing goodies. Once you submit your vote, your name will be automatically entered in the raffle to win 100 Must-Have Minis yarn balls by Yarn and Colors! How awesome is that!


  1. Go to
  2. Click the heart button on ten of your favorite designs. Bobbles and I would appreciate it very much if you select him as one of your favorites.
  3. On the pop-up screen, enter your name and email address and click on the Submit button.
  4. Confirm your vote by clicking the link in the email sent to you by

Voting ends December 10, 2017.

On a similar note, my dear designer friend Amifan—who helps me test all my designs—is also participating in the contest. It’d be awesome if you could check out her cute little “Merlin” and vote for him too.

Thank you!