The Hoodies

The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (1)Meet best friends Chip, Addy & Clara, collectively known as the Hoodies. Though no one’s quite sure how they got that name, one can guess it has something to do with the skateboarding trio hitting the neighborhood streets everyday wearing their favorite hooded sweatshirts and executing perfect kickflips. The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (2)Aren’t they just adorable! The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (3)At 5.5 inches, these little Hoodies are quick and easy to make, and will appeal to kids and grownups alike. The Hoodies Amigurumi Pattern

This 12 page PDF contains patterns for Chip, Addy & Clara, including instructions, step by step photos and illustrations on how to make a movable head for your amigurumi and how to embroider their hair. The Hoodies--Tales of Twisted Fibers (1)You can buy this pattern at AmigurumiPatterns, Ravelry & Craftsy.

Happy hookin’! 🙂




Show some love, please?

You know I’ve a penchant for making up silly stories for my amigurumis. There have been occasions when I even subjected you to my goofy comic strips about the mischievous twins and a crime fighting schoolgirl. So when, the treasure-trove of all things amigurumi, announced it was hosting its first “animal at work” themed amigurumi design contest where the contestants had to not only design “the cutest animal and give him or her some nice crocheted workwear or tools” but also create a story for their amigurumis, I jumped right in.

So ladies and gentlemen, allow me to unveil my three entries for this exciting contest. Presenting *drumroll* Foxy O’Neal, Miss Kitty Catty, and Cuddles & Buddy! Foxy O'Neal Foxy O’Neal (a.k.a. Slam Dunk), the 8 inch tall basketball champ, is fully poseable with wired limbs and a movable head. This gives him the flexibility to make high jumps, net the ball, and score for his team. Isn’t he adorable? Now is the chance to show him how much you love him 🙂


Miss Kitty CattyOur 14 inch feline amigurumist, Miss Kitty Catty, also boasts of fully movable limbs, which gives her dexterity to create cute little amigurumi teddy bears. She’s extremely quick with the hook and can whip up a few teddy bears in no time. Okay people, a gorgeous amigurumi-making cat that does not scratch! I know it’s impossible not to want to vote for this cutie-pie. Go ahead, click on that link that says VOTE, don’t be shy 😀


Cuddles & Buddy You already know Cuddles and Buddy. Their free patterns were earlier posted here as the “Holiday Bears”. Though these newly appointed Santa’s assistants are only 5.5 inches and 8 inches tall, they can beat anyone at gobbling up large quantities of chocolate pudding. They can also seriously raise the cuteness bar. You love them, don’t you? So why don’t you go ahead and show them some love 🙂


The voting for this amigurumi design contest is currently underway at where everyone can vote for their five favorite designs till November 30. All you need to do to submit your vote is click on the red heart button on five of your favorite amigurumis, then enter your name and email address in the pop-up screen. I know you have always loved my amigurumis. So will you please show some love and vote for them? 🙂


Thank you so much for your love and support 🙂

Serah, Tales of Twisted Fibers

Naughty or Nice, free patterns for all

Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersIs it too early for a Holiday themed blog post? I hope not because two very sweet darlings want me to ask you what do you think they should expect to find in their Christmas stockings this year.Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersThis is the naughty little Holiday bear. See that troubled expression on his face? That’s because he’s been naughty throughout the year, giving his mama a hard time. Now that Christmas is approaching, he’s worried he’s going to end up with a lump of coal in his stocking.Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersThis cheerful fella, on the other hand, has been really nice this year and he is excited to see what Santa will bring for him. Personally he’d prefer a 3D printer but he knows Santa’s elves don’t do 3D printer because promoting that kind of technology would practically leave them jobless.

While these two Naughty and Nice Holiday Bears chalk up their wish list, I’ll let you into a secret—I cheated while making these amigurumis! Now that I have your undivided attention, let me explain. Both these amigurumi bears have been designed in such a way that they can be out on display throughout the year, and not just on Christmas. Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersSince they do not come in traditional Christmas colors as you must have noticed, all you need to do is remove their hats and scarves and hide away their stockings and they are good for any season 😀 Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersAnd now, it’s time for some free goodies! Who wants free patterns for these amigurumi Holiday Bears? Each of these two PDFs contain crochet patterns for the bear, its hat and scarf, and a miniature Christmas stocking.

Naughty Little Holiday BearNaughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-Fibers

Nice Little Holiday Bear Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-Fibers I hope you have fun hookin’ up these cuties.


Update (November 1, 2013): The patterns for the Naughty and Nice Holiday Bears are now available in DANISH, thanks to Marianne who translated both the patterns. The Danish patterns for the Naughty Little Holiday Bear and Nice Little Holiday Bear can now be downloaded from her blog.

Update (November 10, 2013): For SPANISH translation of the Nice Little Holiday Bear pattern, please visit Lyanne’s blog. Thanks for taking the time to translate and share this pattern with your readers, Lyanne.

Update (May 07, 2016): To download the pattern for Nice Little Holiday bear in DUTCH, translated by our fellow crocheter Nanske, click here.

Update (November 08, 2016): To download the pattern for Naughty Little Holiday bear in DUTCH, translated by Anja Van der Spiegel, click here.

Honey Boo Teddy Bear

Honey Boo Bear Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted FibersHello! My name is HONEY BOO.Honey Boo Bear Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted FibersThere are two things I love. Tea, which I sip all day…Honey Boo Bear Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted Fibers… And playing Scrabble. Would you like to stick around a bit longer and play a round of Scrabble with me? Please? I’ll pour you a cup of my special tea if you stay.

Isn’t he cute! I know you’d love to hang out with this cutie pie even if you don’t particularly fancy tea or Scrabble 😀 Because he’s THAT kinda guy—cute and squeezable!  I made this adorable little teddy bear amigurumi from a pattern designed by the amazingly talented Vanja of AmigurumiBB—I absolutely admire her work!—who is generously giving away the pattern for free on her blog! Hop over to her blog to grab this wonderful pattern 🙂

Cookie, the Amigurumi Girl Free Pattern

COOKIE AMIGURUMI GIRL FREE PATTERNI’m super excited to tell you that the pattern for Cookie, the amigurumi girl, the little cutie you all loved so much, is now ready for download 😀 And, as I had promised in my last post, the pattern is FREE for all you lovely, amigurumi lovers! 02.-Cookie-Amigurumi-Girl-Free-Pattern_FrontBack_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersCookie is 8.5 inches tall and very, very mischievous. So should you decide to make one for yourself, be warned—she can be quite a handful.

So, without further ado, here’s the link to the pdf. Cookie-Amigurumi-Girl-Free-Pattern_Tales-of-Twisted-Fibers DOWNLOAD PATTERN

If there’s one thing that gets me more excited than designing my own amigurumis is seeing what other crafters make with my patterns. So if you make any amigurumis using this pattern, please free to send me your photographs or weblinks. I’d love to see them.