This One’s For You, Mom

After one week of non-stop crocheting, I have finally managed to make a perfect (I hope) Mother’s Day gift for my wonderful (and super talented) mom. The pretty Lily Hexagon Bag you see up there—the little blue beauty that nearly broke my wrist—will be packed and parceled off tomorrow to Gangtok. After that, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that it reaches its destination on time.The idea and the pattern (for the lily hexagon) for this little blue beauty came from this amazing blog, Colour In A Simple Life. You should go check out this blog; it has got loads of pretty stuff.Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I have slightly deviated from the original bag template which instructs you to work with 13 hexagons. Since I was working with a yarn thinner than what was prescribed and was in no mood to make a bag that’s too small to fit anything, I made a few changes. I added two more rounds to the hexagon and instead of 13 hexagons, I whipped up 21 and laid them out like this: This is the front part of the layout. Once I joined all 21 pieces, it looked like this: Next came the handles! Which reminds me I have a confession to make. I have absolutely no idea where they sell bag handles here in Kathmandu 😦 But thanks to Pinterest, I found an online tutorial on how to crochet purse handles. The problem: the tutorial is in Portuguese and I can’t read Portuguese 😀 Mercifully, it has enough photographs to allow you to figure out what you need to do and that solved the ‘handle’ problem 🙂 By the way, I have also made rose brooches for my three favorite aunts; they (the brooches, not the aunts) will make the journey back home with my mom’s little blue beauty tomorrow since they are my Mother’s Day gift to my aunts 🙂 You can find the patterns here and here. Oh, and the red one, that’s for my mom 😀