Snow Buddies

I’m super excited to tell you that my little Snow Buddies are featured in the October 2017 issue of Happily Hooked Magazine. It is a quick and easy project that requires small amounts of yarn, and is suitable for all skill levels.

UPDATE: October 7, 2018. The pattern is now available as a single download here and here.

As this amigurumi has a flat base, it can sit on any flat surface without support, which makes it an excellent desk accessory, a cute decor for your mantel or your shelf. It’s a little over 5 inches when made with sock weight yarn and a 2.5mm hook.

Snow Buddies 1 copy

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I know it’s only October but it’s never too early to start building your snowmen army. 😉


Happy hookin’!


I guess it’s time to bring out the tree

Would I be wrong to assume that most of you have already finished decorating your homes, ticked everything off your Holiday shopping list, wrapped the gifts, and are now proudly surveying your handiwork while enjoying a cup of delicious hot chocolate and counting down to Christmas? I, for one, have accomplished absolutely none of the above. Truth be told, my artificial Christmas tree is yet to be taken out of the storage, and I still need to figure out where the hell are those boxes containing all the bells and baubles. But I have a feeling I’m not the only one who leaves everything to be done at the eleventh nerve-wracking hour.

So in honor of all those late Kates who’re yet to dust off their Christmas ornaments, whose homes still don’t look like something straight out of a Holiday special magazine spread, those toiling to get their handmade Christmas gifts ready (or at least are toying with the idea of making a handmade gift or two), I present to you Pucci, your personal Holiday assistant.

Pucci_a free Holiday Special amigurumi pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Pucci [pronounced Pu-chhi] translates to “the little one” in colloquial Nepali. It could mean the person is younger to you in age or is slight in built. Though not necessarily a nice way to address people (in fact, it is quite a condescending term), you can get away with it if you’re extremely chummy with the person being addressed. So, to put it in a nutshell, to call someone Pucci, you either have to be on backslapping terms with that person or be ready to get your eye blackened and your nose bloodied. But our Pucci is very sweet and I promise she won’t break your nose if you call her by that name; she may accidentally misplace your house keys though. 😉

Pucci_a free Holiday Special amigurumi pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Though her resume says she’s a highly skilled personal holiday assistant, I’m not exactly sure how much help an 8 inch amigurumi can be. All I can say is that she will make your Holiday photos look good.

Pucci_a free Holiday Special amigurumi pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers


To download the pattern in DUTCH, translated by our fellow crocheter Jeannette Kemp, click here.

To get the pattern in GERMAN, visit Gabi Donner’s blog here. Thanks for translating the pattern, Gabi.

Pucci_a free Holiday Special amigurumi pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Happy Holidays!

If you liked this free amigurumi pattern, would you please consider making a small donation to Animal Nepal? Animal Nepal is a not for profit, animal welfare and rights organization based in Lalitpur, Nepal, which runs two sanctuaries for abused and injured homeless/working animals. This organization is also in the forefront of campaigning for animal rights. If you want to see the wonderful work these folks do, you can check out their Facebook page or their blog. You can also help them by donating here.

Thank you for caring.

P.S. The pattern was designed and written in a hurry so it is possible it may contain some errors. If you spot any, would you please be kind enough to let me know?

P.S.S. I used loop stitch to make Pucci’s hair. If you’re unfamiliar with this stitch, here’s an excellent photo tutorial by Stacey of Fresh Stitches.

The Runaway Snowman

Runaway Snowman Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted FibersLast time, the first rays of the sun heralding the end of winter had done it for him. From a handsome snowman adored by the neighborhood children, he had been reduced to slush, trampled on by practically everyone. One nasty kid had even kicked his hat away! It was at that point he had made up his mind that next time he’d run away to North Pole where that spoil sport sun would never be able to melt him.

And that’s exactly what he did this time. The moment people started building him, our little hero started working on his master plan. First, he focused on figuring out where he could find a pair of snow boots. That one was easy—out on the patio of that yellow house. It was a slightly old pair, but it would get the job done.

His next move was to wait patiently until everyone went indoors and retired for the night. This one was certainly not easy. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Even snowmen get bored, you know! After the last kid went indoors, our brave snowman slowly inched towards the yellow house, grabbed the boots from the patio, and off he went—to boldly go where no snowman had gone before. To the North Pole!

Finally after days of walking (and minimal adventure), he reached the North Pole where he told all the snow folks the story of his  great escape. Mesmerized by his tales of adventure (apparently it doesn’t take much to impress the snow people), the snow folks unanimously decided to make him the head of their North Pole Decoration Committee. Their reasoning for offering him this position: he was the only one among them who had seen how people around the world decorated their homes for Christmas, which made him the best snowman for the job!

Of course, there was that red-nosed fellow named Rudolf who had probably seen more over the years during his annual jaunts with jolly old Nick, but the poor fellow’s area of expertise laid more towards taking off the decorations (albeit unknowingly) with his antlers than putting them up for display. This practically ruined any chances of Rudolf ever being offered a membership to this hallowed committee. But I digress.

As I was saying, for the first time in his several lifetimes, our little snowman was truly happy. And he was home, among his own kind! The end of Christmas would also no longer mean the end of him, thanks to his presence of mind and a pair of muddy old boots. Runaway Snowman Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted FibersSo there is our runaway snowman, showing other snow folks how to make little Christmassy banners to hang all over the North Pole. And going by the looks of it, he seems to be doing a mighty fine job.

This little fella is certainly going to add some Christmassy cheer to my place. If you love cute little amigurumi snowmen and cheerful banners, you can download this free pattern and make one for yourself.


For the DUTCH version of the pattern, translated by our fellow crocheter Nanske, click here.

I hope you will enjoy this pattern as much you’ve loved all my other amigurumis.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

Naughty or Nice, free patterns for all

Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersIs it too early for a Holiday themed blog post? I hope not because two very sweet darlings want me to ask you what do you think they should expect to find in their Christmas stockings this year.Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersThis is the naughty little Holiday bear. See that troubled expression on his face? That’s because he’s been naughty throughout the year, giving his mama a hard time. Now that Christmas is approaching, he’s worried he’s going to end up with a lump of coal in his stocking.Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersThis cheerful fella, on the other hand, has been really nice this year and he is excited to see what Santa will bring for him. Personally he’d prefer a 3D printer but he knows Santa’s elves don’t do 3D printer because promoting that kind of technology would practically leave them jobless.

While these two Naughty and Nice Holiday Bears chalk up their wish list, I’ll let you into a secret—I cheated while making these amigurumis! Now that I have your undivided attention, let me explain. Both these amigurumi bears have been designed in such a way that they can be out on display throughout the year, and not just on Christmas. Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersSince they do not come in traditional Christmas colors as you must have noticed, all you need to do is remove their hats and scarves and hide away their stockings and they are good for any season 😀 Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-FibersAnd now, it’s time for some free goodies! Who wants free patterns for these amigurumi Holiday Bears? Each of these two PDFs contain crochet patterns for the bear, its hat and scarf, and a miniature Christmas stocking.

Naughty Little Holiday BearNaughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-Fibers

Nice Little Holiday Bear Naughty-or-Nice-Holiday-Bears-Free-Amigurumi-Pattern---Tales-of-Twisted-Fibers I hope you have fun hookin’ up these cuties.


Update (November 1, 2013): The patterns for the Naughty and Nice Holiday Bears are now available in DANISH, thanks to Marianne who translated both the patterns. The Danish patterns for the Naughty Little Holiday Bear and Nice Little Holiday Bear can now be downloaded from her blog.

Update (November 10, 2013): For SPANISH translation of the Nice Little Holiday Bear pattern, please visit Lyanne’s blog. Thanks for taking the time to translate and share this pattern with your readers, Lyanne.

Update (May 07, 2016): To download the pattern for Nice Little Holiday bear in DUTCH, translated by our fellow crocheter Nanske, click here.

Update (November 08, 2016): To download the pattern for Naughty Little Holiday bear in DUTCH, translated by Anja Van der Spiegel, click here.

Snow Invasion

I’d warned you about the possibilities of a snowmen invasion; I’d warned you they were coming. You just didn’t take me seriously, did you? 😉

Knitting snowmen in all shapes and sizes is my current OCD and I’m not ashamed to say it. And since I’m big on this gender equality thingy, I thought “Hey, it’s about time snowwoman stopped making ice blocks and came out of her igloo”. So, ladies and gentlemen who knit, I give you “KongChen”, the snowwoman.

KongChen, meaning ‘big stone’, is a Lepcha name for Mount Khangchendzonga. According to Lepcha folklore, Mother Creator Itbumoo fashioned the first Lepcha man and woman from the snow of this sacred mountain that is regarded by the Sikkimese as their guardian deity till this day.

With the addition of KongChen to the snow family, our snowman here can now finally change his Facebook relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ 😀