Were you naughty or nice this year?

Last year, I started my Christmas knitting pretty late and almost gave myself carpal tunnel syndrome after knitting non-stop for almost two weeks. Needless to say, despite the knitting marathon, we were able to put up these handmade Christmas decorations only a week before Christmas 😦 But this year, I have smartened up a bit. To corroborate my last statement, please allow me to present some photographic evidence 🙂

He may look as appealing as a can of coke right now, but come Christmas and the old fella is going to be hot property. Ho! Ho! Ho! This knitted Santa Claus is 14¼ in tall. And look what’s in his goodie bag! A miniature snowman and toy solider (both 3¼ in tall). I hope for your own sake you’ve been good this year 😉

Pattern: Santa Claus | Last Minute Dolls; Jean Greenhowe’s Christmas Special

After the disaster that was my attempt at knitting a Christmas stocking in the round last year, I decided to take on something simpler this time and whipped up this “Santa in the Chimney” Christmas stocking in no time at all. The stocking is knit flat and joined at the seams later, and so is the chimney which is then attached to the stocking. Once you knit up Mister Santa (3¼ in) and his sack and stuff him in the chimney, this stocking becomes nothing short of a gift in itself.

Pattern: Santa in the Chimney, Jean Greenhowe’s Christmas Special

I learned to crochet earlier this year. Since then, I have been thinking of adding a bit of crochet to our two year old ‘handmade Christmas’ tradition. And that can only mean one thing—more Christmas stockings! 😀

These crocheted Miniature Christmas Stockings (2¾ in from the heel to the top of the stocking) are made from Angie’s ‘Little Christmas Socks’ pattern. The original pattern will yield a slightly bigger stocking but I worked with a smaller hook and a thinner yarn than recommended. The pattern can be found here.

Thanks for reading 🙂

P.S. Sorry for the dull photos. Still haven’t managed to get a replacement for my camera battery charger and these were taken with P’s tablet camera.