The Cruel Queen

There are times when YouTube’s algorithm gets it right when pushing new content to its unsuspecting users. Like it did about a month ago when it quietly slid Jackson Wang’s Cruel into my feed. This music video is absolutely STUNNING! What’s even better, this MV not only introduced me to Jackson Wang [who’s now on my watch list] but also Bailey Sok, and let me tell you guys, she’s the absolute best! If you appreciate dance, look her up on YouTube, you’ll thank me later.

So I did what I normally do when I’m excited about something: I fangirled and made an amigurumi of Bailey Sok as the Cruel Queen [the character she plays in the music video]. 😁 Here are a few pics to show you how it turned out.

Screenshot. Cruel MV. ©Team Wang Records

Screenshot. Cruel MV. ©Team Wang Records

This is a fan art, so there’ll be no pattern. But in case you want to check out the music video, here’s the link. 🙃