Honey Boo Teddy Bear

Honey Boo Bear Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted FibersHello! My name is HONEY BOO.Honey Boo Bear Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted FibersThere are two things I love. Tea, which I sip all day…Honey Boo Bear Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted Fibers… And playing Scrabble. Would you like to stick around a bit longer and play a round of Scrabble with me? Please? I’ll pour you a cup of my special tea if you stay.

Isn’t he cute! I know you’d love to hang out with this cutie pie even if you don’t particularly fancy tea or Scrabble 😀 Because he’s THAT kinda guy—cute and squeezable!  I made this adorable little teddy bear amigurumi from a pattern designed by the amazingly talented Vanja of AmigurumiBB—I absolutely admire her work!—who is generously giving away the pattern for free on her blog! Hop over to her blog to grab this wonderful pattern 🙂

Full Circle

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to learn to crochet and make amigurumis. After watching approximately half a dozen, two-minute video tutorials on the subject,  I was confident I was ready to jump head first into the world of amigurumi and hook up a teddy bear. Needless to say, the result was  horrendous and I shudder at the thought of (re)posting an image here! (But if you want to see it anyway, you can find it here.)

A year (and many amigurumis) later, I had the urge to make the same teddy bear again. So I dug up the pattern online and—TADA!—now I have these to show you 😀 Amigurumi Bears_TalesOfTwistedFibers(Left to right) Papaya, Berry, Aubergine, and Apple

Amigurumi-Teddy-Bears-in-basket_Tales-Of-Twisted-Fibers.jpgThese little bears love hanging out together.

Papaya-and-Apple-Amigurumi-Teddy-Bears_Tales-Of-Twisted-Fibers.jpgAnd like most little girls, they love dressing up. But don’t let their sweet faces and girly demeanor fool you.

Amigurumi Autobot-Teddy_Tales-Of-Twisted-Fibers.jpgWhenever the world is in danger, they put on their fighting boots and go beat up super villains like Megatron. Cool, huh!

Amigurumi-Teddy-Bears_horizontal_Tales-Of-Twisted-Fibers.jpgPattern by Jane of Jenny and Teddy | Pattern Link

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