Mimi & Pocahontas

Mimi Amigurumi DollShe sells sea shells by the sea shore. Yes, that’s what Mimi does. And what do I do? I make amigurumis created by incredibly talented amigurumi designers when I’m not designing my own 😀Mimi Amigurumi DollA little over 6.5 inches, Mimi is a lovely little girl. She’s made from Vanja’s (of AmigurumiBB) free BB Dolls pattern available on her blog. The pattern is extremely detailed and easy to follow. And I must say this, this little girl was a pleasure to make. Thanks, Vanja! You make the cutest little dolls 🙂

In other news, I recently joined ravelry, a knit and crochet community, which introduced me to Irene Strange’s  fabulous work. One amigurumi in particular—the Patch Doll—caught my attention because of its realistic body shape, and the pattern’s adaptability. So out came the hook and, a few days of work later, Pocahontas was born!Pocahontas-front_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersWhile the original pattern is of a 12 inch Halloween themed doll, I altered the pattern to turn this patch doll into a native American princess who’s a little over 14 inch tall. Pocahontas-legs-shoes2_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersI elongated her legs, shaped her shoulders and head differently, changed the dress completely to give it a Disneyesque look, gave her a tattoo on her right arm, and fitted her with a pair of boots. To complete the look, I gave her a completely new hairdo using a wig making technique I learnt from AmigurumiBB. Pocahontas-back_Tales-of-Twisted-FibersThe end result: The biggest amigurumi project I’ve ever attempted! Thank you, Irene. This is the coolest amigurumi ever 😀

I’ve Got Mail!

My Bee Girl amigurumi has got a hairdo makeover, courtesy amigurumibb! And she was kind enough to send me the photographs 🙂

BeeDoll-AmigurumiBB-TalesOfTwistedFibersPatternDoesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous! I’m super thrilled that an amigurumi designer who creates the most adorable amigurumis and whose crocheting skills far exceeds mine, has chosen to make my Bee Girl. *doing a happy dance* 😀

Thanks, amigurumibb, for trying out this pattern and making it your own. I absolutely adore your blue-haired bee girl 🙂

UPDATE (8 June, 2013): The Bee Girl Pattern is now available in Dutch! And this little bee has somehow transformed herself into a ladybug! Thanks for translating the pattern and sharing it with your readers, Ami Fan 🙂

Full Circle

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to learn to crochet and make amigurumis. After watching approximately half a dozen, two-minute video tutorials on the subject,  I was confident I was ready to jump head first into the world of amigurumi and hook up a teddy bear. Needless to say, the result was  horrendous and I shudder at the thought of (re)posting an image here! (But if you want to see it anyway, you can find it here.)

A year (and many amigurumis) later, I had the urge to make the same teddy bear again. So I dug up the pattern online and—TADA!—now I have these to show you 😀 Amigurumi Bears_TalesOfTwistedFibers(Left to right) Papaya, Berry, Aubergine, and Apple

Amigurumi-Teddy-Bears-in-basket_Tales-Of-Twisted-Fibers.jpgThese little bears love hanging out together.

Papaya-and-Apple-Amigurumi-Teddy-Bears_Tales-Of-Twisted-Fibers.jpgAnd like most little girls, they love dressing up. But don’t let their sweet faces and girly demeanor fool you.

Amigurumi Autobot-Teddy_Tales-Of-Twisted-Fibers.jpgWhenever the world is in danger, they put on their fighting boots and go beat up super villains like Megatron. Cool, huh!

Amigurumi-Teddy-Bears_horizontal_Tales-Of-Twisted-Fibers.jpgPattern by Jane of Jenny and Teddy | Pattern Link

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