It’s Banana O’clock

You know it’s banana o’clock when crafters go crazy and challenge each other to post a craft photo with a banana in it. This slightly weird idea first struck our fellow designer Dendennis who not only posted stylized banana pics on his social media accounts, he also challenged others to do the same. The idea is to create a stylized craft photo and include a banana in it. 🍌

Another designer friend AmiFan slipped right into the challenge, banana peel and all, and then challenged me to participate. There was only one itty-bitty problem: there were no bananas at home (there were three left but I’d used them to bake a banana bread that very day)! When I used that bit of information to wiggle out of the challenge, AmiFan challenged me to be creative and figure out a way. So I did exactly that and created this little amigurumi Banana Boy—which I’m posting here as a free pattern—and bam! I had a banana for the challenge. 😎


If you’re going bananas because of social distancing and want to join the banana wagon, take a picture of your craft alongside a banana and post it using the hashtag #craftandabanana (how bananas it this hashtag!). 🤪And in case you have run out of bananas, I guess you can bend the rules a little bit and substitute it with this little Banana Boy.

Stay home, stay safe, stay crafty.

Happy hookin’! ❤️

The Witcher & A Holiday Wish

If you love reading, playing or watching The Witcher and (like me) have been obsessing over the new Netflix series, you’re going to like this quick post. Because what can be more awesome than an amigurumi version of our favorite monster hunter! 😁

So yes, this is what I have been working on this month. A little Geralt of Rivia fan art. Isn’t he adorable!

Making the entire body in black—with several tiny pieces of the armor to boot—was definitely not a sane thing to do [fellow crocheters will understand why] but I guess I was “living da vida loca”. 😉 After five days of working primarily with black yarn, I was nearly blind and my hands were terribly sore but it was so worth it! I absolutely love how little amigurumi Geralt turned out and I hope you like him too. 😁

Before the day is done, my little amigurumi Witcher and I wish you love, peace, joy, and all the best this wonderful holiday has to offer. May everything on your wishlist come true.

Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday! See you next year! ❤

Worldwide Artist Blog-Hop

1*DenDennis is the fab amigurumi designer behind the popular amigurumi books Prettig Gestoorde Amigurumi’s and CombiGurumi. Those familiar with his work know that his designs are oh-so-fun and quirky. If you haven’t seen them yet, you may want to click here. 🙂

2Read DenDennis’ answers here.

And now onto the questions!

WHY I DO WHAT I DO? 3Everyone needs a creative outlet. Mine is designing amigurumi. This is such a fun craft. And super addictive too! I first picked up a hook in 2012 and haven’t put it down since. 😀

WHAT AM I WORKING ON NOW? 4A lot of projects actually! I have more WIPs than I care to admit. I’m not the most organized person and I get distracted very easily by new ideas that keep popping in my head while I’m in a middle of a project. This leads to many half completed, discarded projects. So, though I’m working on some winter/Holiday themed amigurumi designs at the moment, I’m not sure how many of them will actually see the light of day. 😮

HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS OF ITS GENRE? 6My amigurumi patterns are meant for cheaters, people like myself who want to make amigurumis that look somewhat detailed (and, at times, complicated) but can’t be bothered to go through complicated steps to achieve that look. I also use a lot of wire frames in my amigurumis that make them poseable. Though I enjoy making amigurumis for kids, I have way more fun making designs for the grownups.

HOW DOES MY CREATIVE PROCESS WORK? 7I will probably need a flowchart to explain my creative process because it’s more of a jumble than a streamlined process but I’ll try explaining it without one. 😉

I usually start with drinking copious amounts of coffee and scribbling mindlessly on my notebook. Once I have a rough sketch of what I want, I sit down and start working on this project (though there are times when I skip sketching and jump right into crocheting). Midway through the design, I pause to scribble ideas that have a knack for popping up in my head at the most inopportune moments. Sometimes I continue working on project number one; other times I put it aside to work “just a few rounds” of my brand spankin’ new project number two and end up forgetting about the original project entirely (remember what I told you about distractions?). For me, it’s not just about creating something but also having fun doing it. So if that means discarding projects that no longer interest me, so be it.

While working on a new design, I also take down round by round notes and step-by-step photographs, which I’ll use later during the pattern writing stage. Finally, I celebrate the end of a project with another mug of coffee. And then the doodling starts again. 🙂

I’m now inviting four of my favorite amigurumi artists to join this blog hop and I hope they will answer these same four questions.

Jane from Jennyandteddy: I was able to make my first ever amigurumi in 2012, thanks to Jane and her generosity. Her blog is full of free, easy to follow amigurumi tutorials and patterns. If you are new to amigurumi making, her blog should be your next stop.

Vanja Grundmann from Amigurumibb: Vanja is an amigurumi ninja. Her designs are amazing and her patterns are free! Be sure to visit her site if you haven’t already. You’ll be amazed by her creativity.

Ilaria Caliri from Airali Handmade: Author of the hugely successful Amigurumi Winter Wonderland, lovely Ilaria makes the cutest designs. You’ll find her work in all of the popular Zoomigurumi series and Amigurumi Animals at Work.

Rachel H from Little Yarn Friends: Rachel is one of the designers who inspired me to take up the hook. Her love for animals is another thing that makes me love her more.

That’s all for now, folks! Until next time, be good and keep hookin’!


Please Read

Dear all,

I’m writing you this note with a heavy heart. This morning a received a blog comment (you can read it here) from a stranger, accusing me of emailing her for money. I do not know if she REALLY was approached by a fraud who has taken my identity or this woman is just an old mean spirit. But there’s something I’d want all of you to know.

I do not email anyone asking for money. So if you received an email from “me” asking for donations, I did not write that mail. The only time I send a private email to anyone is when I receive an email from them first. Even then, I do not ask for donations or payments. Because my free patterns are just that — “free”.

Whenever I upload a free pattern, I post a note requesting people who use my free patterns to ‘consider’ making a donation to Animal Nepal, if they so choose. I do not force anyone to pay anything either directly to me or to any charity. If people donate, as some of you most generously have, it is out of their own free will.

An accusation like this is not only malicious, it is heartbreaking. When I started posting my patterns for free, it was out of my love for amigurumi, and my desire to share my designs with folks like you who share my passion. I know many of you use my patterns for charity, and many of you have not only loved my designs but also generously donated to Animal Nepal. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

In the next couple of days, I’ll be taking down all my free patterns because I’d rather not see my name or that of Animal Nepal (a wonderful organization that cares for sick and homeless animals) maligned. It was a fun ride but sadly it must end now.

Thank you all for your love and support. Take care and be good.



Amigurumi Ivy for halloween

This is what my new friend V–who helped me test this pattern–has to say about Ivy, my Halloween themed amigurumi pattern. Thanks, V! 🙂

Mots et Pensées

When Tales of twisted fibers called for testers for her new pattern, I jumped on the occasion! I was lucky to be chosen for the testing of Ivy.

I have to say that the pattern was Perfect and that there were not many things to fix really. I was so happy to make Ivy that I got carried away and made some mistakes! The colour I chose are not very halloweeny but my Ivy is nicely wicked. She is a protector of children, loves drinking tea with cornichon biscuit (Chon biscuit), and collects rabbits.

DSCF0009 Ivy the pink hair little sorceress

The thing that is new for me in term of amigurumi is that Ivy is movable. The use of mini wire make the entire doll alive. The making of Ivy was not very complicated as the explanations were pretty straight forward. It uses very basic crochet technics. I used 4 colours (white, brown…

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