Rui 🕸| Demon Slayer

Last month, after binge-watching Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, I looked up amigurumi fan art based on the anime/manga series. I found a cartload of Nezuko amigurumi followed by Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke but not a single one based on Rui. So, I decided to rectify that. The pic below stands testimony to my last statement. 😉

This murderous little demon was made using a combination of crochet, needle felting, embroidery and hair sculpting. By the way, I learned how to needle felt solely for this project [and it was mildly disturbing to realize how much I enjoy stabbing things]. 🤪

Designing the body was the easiest and the quickest part of the project. Then I had to put the project on hold just so I could practice needle felting with acrylic yarn; turns out you can make felting “wool” with acrylic yarn. So if you have always wanted to try needle felting but were uncomfortable with the idea of using animal fiber, here is a solution for you: just brush out acrylic yarn stands with a pet slicker brush until it resembles cotton candy and use that fluff to needle felt. Here’s a video I found on YouTube that shows you how to do that.

In case you were wondering, Rui’s fluffy, spidery hair was made from brushed acrylic yarn too. 😀 Here’s a shot to show you how his hair looks from the back.

After I was confident enough to needle felt tiny red dots on his face without completely ruining it, I tackled the facial details next. 😱🤞It turned out okay; not perfect but acceptable enough. Husband, on the other hand, thought the dots could have been rounder. I told him I could practice more using him as the felting mat. So he let it go at that. 😉

It’s not very clear in these images but I also needle felted a wad of white acrylic fiber [brushed acrylic yarn] along the chest and neck—peeking just a tiny bit from under the kimono—to add a bit of texture. Then it was time to stab some more red dots and embroider spider webs on Rui’s kimono. 🕸

The last part of the design—which also took the longest to complete—involved weaving in yarn strands into the doll’s head, brushing out the “hair” section by small section until they were all fluffy, and finally sculpting the hair using diluted PVA glue. Be warned though, sculpting doll’s hair using your fingers and watered-down glue can get quite messy! Make sure you have your work surface covered with newspaper. You may also need to wash your hands after every few hair sections but I guess we’re all pretty much used to randomly washing hands throughout the day by now so it shouldn’t be a problem. 😋

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading about how I made Rui as much as I enjoyed making him.

Until next time, take care and stay safe.

XOXO, Serah

2 thoughts on “Rui 🕸| Demon Slayer

  1. Chelsea Ackerman says:

    Amazing. I’d love to see you do a Nezuko! The ones I’ve seen are bleh, and this is an amazing Rui!

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