Does IT scare you?

I love Stephen King. So when the movie adaptation of IT came out a few years ago, I was super excited. If, prior to watching this movie, I wasn’t scared of clowns, Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise took care of that for good.

So, imagine my delight when, about a month ago, I was gifted this amazing Pennywise pattern by Guichai Dolls. The designer, at that time, had no idea I dabbled in amigurumi design myself, neither did they expect anything in return. It was just a random act of kindness. We got in touch via their Etsy shop (I had purchased a Spider-Man pattern from them earlier, which, by the way, is super cute and super fun to make) and—bam!—­­next thing I know, I have this fantastic pattern in my inbox. I promised them I’d give it a try and send them a photo or two of the finished result after the Holidays. Now that I’ve finished making this crazy killer clown—I’m so in love with IT!—I wanted to share it here with you too. ­

The following pics attempt to recreate the part of the story where little Georgie is taken by Pennywise. 🎈

I made little Georgie using Guichai Dolls Spider-Man pattern. My only addition to the original pattern is the boy’s yellow raincoat. His hair was made using the same technique as that of Pennywise.

I love designs with lots of tiny details and this pattern by Guichai Dolls is chock-a-block with it. From photo instructions on how to turn ordinary yarn into this amazing doll hair to a tutorial on how to make your own resin doll’s eyes, the pattern packs in quite an astounding lot. The best part is, you can add as many details as you prefer to make your Pennywise really stand out or you can keep it as simple as you like.

The stitches used are basic and the 50-page pattern has tons of photos to explain everything; however, a word of caution: it’s not recommended for absolute beginners (unless you are a beginner who’s comfortable crocheting tiny limbs and inserting wire skeleton and polyester stuffing in said limbs with a chopstick). But if you have been making amigurumi for a while and are looking to get out of your comfort zone and learn new doll making techniques, this is the pattern for you.

If you’re a Stephen King fan or a fan of the horror genre in general (or know someone who is), I highly recommend this Pennywise pattern. You can buy it at Guichai Dolls’ Etsy store where it’s currently 10% off.

I hope you have as much fun making Pennywise the Dancing Clown as I did. 🎈


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