Ladies and gentlemen, meet Toto, my entry for this year’s amigurumi design contest hosted by Since this year’s design theme is “celebration”, I decided to showcase Kukkur Tihar [Day of the Dogs] celebrated by the people of Nepal and the Nepali-speaking populace in Sikkim and the Darjeeling hills in India.

Nepali folks, who practice Hinduism, believe that dogs lead the deceased across the river of death in the underworld and help the souls of the dead reach heaven. So, on Kukkur Tihar—also spelled Kukur Tihar, dogs are worshipped for their loyalty, service and companionship and offered garlands of marigold flowers, a tika [a ceremonial paint] on their foreheads, and special treats including sel roti, a special Nepali fried bread made of rice flour, sugar and spices [and probably a dash of magic because this bread is really delicious!]. Nepali policemen also hold a special event to worship and celebrate the canine members of their unit on this day. 🐶

The Day of the Dog falls on the second day of the five-day long Hindu festival called Tihar, the second biggest religious festival of the Nepali people celebrated around October/November.

If you think this amazing festival dedicated to our canine friends deserves a spotlight in the world’s biggest amigurumi platform, could you please spare a moment to vote for cute little Toto using the link below.


Thank you! 😊

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