The Fantastic Twins

Say hello to the Fantastic Twins! Twin No. 1 thinks black nail polish is the ultimate form of self-expression, Twin No. 2 loves colors & K-Pop! So what do they have in common? Like most teenagers, they are obsessed with posting a variety of content on social media, ranging from selfies to pop culture to human & animal rights!

Both twins are made from the same base pattern. This pattern shows you how to create two separate looks using different color schemes, hairstyles and accessories.

You’ll also learn how to make a movable amigurumi head; and how to use small pieces of wire to make poseable arms and removable earmuffs. If you’re making this for children, don’t worry, the pattern also gives you an option to make a child-friendly doll without using wires.

The Fantastic Twins will make a great Holiday gift for amigurumi enthusiasts of all ages. You can simply follow the original colors used in this pattern or you could customize the colors to go with different seasons and festivals. You can even customize the doll to look like the person you’re making it for! Just let your imagination play. 🙂

Buy the pattern here.

Happy hookin’! ❤️

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