Delirium of The Endless

Our existence deforms the universe. That’s responsibility.” – Delirium, Issue 64 – The Kindly Ones, The Sandman

It was inevitable that after Dream of The Endless [read my previous post here], I’d turn my attention to his youngest sibling Delirium. Amidst a group of rather somber-looking siblings, Delirium is visually presented as an extravagantly colorful character, which can mean only one thing in the amigurumi world—FUN(!).

While I may or may not have spent a substantially large amount of time deciding on the look for Dream, I had my path laid out for me as far as making Delirium was concerned. For continuity, I knew I had to amigurumi-fy Delirium as a child—just like I’d made her brother. So I dug into Jill Thompson’s The Little Endless Storybook and this artwork by Brazilian artist Archiri Usagi for reference.

Normally, I prefer making the head of my amigurumi last [this way, I don’t spoil the surprise for myself by revealing the doll’s facial features and hairdo—to myself—too early! 😆]. But for Delirium, I had to flip my own rule on its head and start with the head first because if you can’t get her eyes and hair right, you might as well forget it.

So I made the head first. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon [and some part of the evening] embroidering French Knot stitches on the sides and back of her head and weaving specialty yarn onto the top. I wish I could say it was fun doing her hair like this but I’ll be honest—it was tedious! I can’t complain about the final look though. 😎

Have you ever been in a situation where you could swear that you have in your stash a particular craft supply that is super critical to your project, only to find out later [read ‘near the completion stage’] that you were wrong? True story! 😫 I had decided to give Delirium a pair of fishnet stockings and I was confident I had black tulle with me. When the time came to give her the stockings, I found out I have quite a few rolls of tulle in varied colors and none of them are black! 😖

Since we are in lockdown v2 with only essential services operating—and tulle unfortunately doesn’t fall under the “essential goods” category, there’s no way I could buy it. So I chopped the leg off a new [but, thankfully, super cheap] pantyhose and sewed a pair of stockings for this little darling. And since I had spent about an hour just sewing the seams of her mini pantyhose, I HAD to take a photo of Delirium doing a Marilyn Monroe-esque pose to show off my hard work. 😋

I hope you like my yarny interpretation of Delirium and also enjoyed reading about how she was made. 🙂

Until next time!

I hope you stay safe and healthy. ❤️


5 thoughts on “Delirium of The Endless

  1. Cynthia Rhodes says:

    She is so great! And I did enjoy hearing about how you made her. Are you going to be offering patterns for them? Can’t wait if you are!


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