Bestie Bee Baby

Meet the fourth Bestie, the Bee Baby! Since we’re having so much fun with the three Besties over at AmigurumiPatterns Ami-Along, we decided to surprise you with one more little friend to add to your Besties collection. Participants of the Ami-Along can download this Bestie Bee Baby pattern from the “Pattern Add-On” thread in the forum. What’s more, by making this Bestie Bee Baby, you also stand a chance to win a package of 50 Colors Must-Have Mini Yarn by Yarn and Colors! 🏆🎁🧶

The Bee Baby is based on one of my closest friends, Jarina. We went from being arch nemesis in primary school to hanging out together in college. The “bee” costume alludes to a private joke, which I won’t be sharing here. Because I value my life. Very much. 🤪 Just know that it’s a very funny joke. Very very funny. 😋

We still have 23 more days to go before this Ami-Along concludes. So if you want to join us and make some Besties, you can sign up here.

Stay home, stay safe, stay crafty. ❤️

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