It’s Banana O’clock

You know it’s banana o’clock when crafters go crazy and challenge each other to post a craft photo with a banana in it. This slightly weird idea first struck our fellow designer Dendennis who not only posted stylized banana pics on his social media accounts, he also challenged others to do the same. The idea is to create a stylized craft photo and include a banana in it. 🍌

Another designer friend AmiFan slipped right into the challenge, banana peel and all, and then challenged me to participate. There was only one itty-bitty problem: there were no bananas at home (there were three left but I’d used them to bake a banana bread that very day)! When I used that bit of information to wiggle out of the challenge, AmiFan challenged me to be creative and figure out a way. So I did exactly that and created this little amigurumi Banana Boy—which I’m posting here as a free pattern—and bam! I had a banana for the challenge. 😎


If you’re going bananas because of social distancing and want to join the banana wagon, take a picture of your craft alongside a banana and post it using the hashtag #craftandabanana (how bananas it this hashtag!). 🤪And in case you have run out of bananas, I guess you can bend the rules a little bit and substitute it with this little Banana Boy.

Stay home, stay safe, stay crafty.

Happy hookin’! ❤️


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