Trixie Jollybum, the Christmas Elf

Question time. Do you find the concept of “Christmas in July” weird? I used to think “July is too early—and too hot!—to plan for Christmas”. In fact, until last year, I used to start crafting for the holidays so late that some years Christmas decorations would not go up in our house until mid-December. And the late start would leave me too stressed and too tangled up in yarn to enjoy the holidays. But not this year! I’ve decided to learn from my mistakes and start Christmas crocheting early this time.

My first Christmas themed design of the year is Trixie Jollybum, the 100% cute and non-creepy Christmas elf. She stands 27cm tall without her hat when made with sock weight yarn and a 2.5mm hook.

Her hair is a combination of a wig, braids and embroidered fringe.

I’ve discovered that Trixie Jollybum looks great when you arrange her on the shelf with her stockinged legs dangling or stretched out in front of her. That can only mean one thing: I’ll be making a bunch of these elves—with slight variations in color—and stick them on every shelf around the house this Christmas.

If you, like me, are determined to start your Christmas crafting early, I have Trixie Jollybum’s pattern ready. The nine-page pattern has clear instructions on how to make this cute little elf and over 40 step by step photos to guide you through the slightly tricky bits.

You can buy the pattern in my Ravelry store.

Happy hookin’! ❤



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