Super Panda & Instagram Giveaway

“Hi! I’m Super Panda and you can meet me in the July issue of Happily Hooked Magazine. I’m 20.5 cm tall, very easy to make, and you will need only three colors to make me. Oh, and I can stand on my own without any support.”

UPDATE: October 7, 2018. The pattern is now available as a single download here.

You can subscribe to Happily Hooked Magazine here or grab this month’s issue on Ravelry to start working on your Super Panda.

If you’re feeling lucky, I have a giveaway going on at Instagram where you get a chance to win a one-year digital subscription to Happily Hooked Magazine*.

Just look for this post 👆on my Instagram feed to enter the giveaway. But hurry, the giveaway will end July 4.

Good luck & happy hookin’! ❤

*Please note that this is an Instagram-only giveaway and you’ll need an Instagram account to enter the giveaway.


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