Here Come the Monsters

Not all monsters are alike. Some are scary, some are cute, some live to scare you, and some… well, they’re just different. For instance, look at Mister Fang. He sent me this photograph to show you how unscary he is.


No, please don’t let his name scare you. Mister Fang is the sweetest monster you’ll ever meet. While all his friends are out scaring folks, you will find him picking wildflowers to give to the lovely ladies around. Looks like today’s your lucky day. He picked this flower just for you.


Isn’t he a sweetheart! With his toothy grin, protruding belly, and a cute belly button (not to mention his charming manners), he’s definitely the most eligible monster bachelor in town.

And then, there are the naughty Fruity-Mons, a gang of teenage fruit monsters, who are always up to some mischief.


Dragon Fruit, Kiwi & Lemon carry vitamins in the tiny backpacks and sneak them into your food when you’re not looking. Though they may think they’re being super naughty, they are actually helping us stay healthy. So you see, they’re not the bad guys after all.


And here are they, with their little backpacks, ready to dive into your fruit salad bowl. I’ve managed to acquire a few of their most recent photos. Please take a good look at them.

Dragon Fruit

Fruity-Mon: Dragon Fruit

Fruity-Mon: Kiwi

Fruity-Mon: Kiwi

Fruity-Mon: Lemon

Fruity-Mon: Lemon

If you see any of these Fruity-Mons sneaking around in your kitchen, don’t be afraid. They are the good—though a bit naughty—monsters.

Mister Fang and the Fruity-Mons are my entries for the Amigurumi Monsters Design Contest* hosted by They are among the over 400 creepy cute designs submitted by designers around the world!


If you like goofy but charming Mister Fang and the naughty but nice Fruity-Mons, could you please take a moment to vote for them? I’d really appreciate it if you did. 🙂


  1. Go to OR click on the direct links provided below for Mister Fang or Fruity-Mons.
  2. Click on the heart button of five of your favorite designs. It is important that you select exactly 5 designs; selecting less or more than five will disqualify your vote.
  3. On the pop-up screen, enter your name and email address and click on the Submit button.



Voting is open from now till December 10, 2016.


Thank you for you continued love and support.




Every year,—the folks behind the popular Zoomigurumi series—hosts a themed amigurumi design contest. The popular designs are then handpicked and compiled in a pattern book. The results of the design contests held in 2013, 2014 and 2015—Amigurumi Animals at WorkAmigurumi Parent and Baby Animals, and Amigurumi Circus—can be viewed here.


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