Papa Bear, Mama Bear & Baby Bear

Papa Bear, Mama Bear & Baby BearBaby Bear is having his first birthday party today and all his friends are coming. Look at that cake! Doesn’t it look yummy? Papa and Mama Bear stayed up all night to bake it. Now Baby Bear can’t wait to eat it. Oh, why won’t his friends would hurry up and come over already! Papa Bear, Mama Bear & Baby BearThis cute little Polar Bear family is my entry for the second amigurumi design contest hosted by Do you like them? I hope you do because I’ll need your votes if I’m to win this contest, which I so badly want to! 😀 Papa Bear, Mama Bear & Baby BearAs you must have guessed already, the theme this time is “Parent and Baby Animals” and the entries page is filled with super adorable creations by over 100 designers. 🙂 Now it’s up to you to choose the winners by voting for your five favorite entries. I hope you’ll like Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear enough to vote for them. 😀 Papa Bear, Mama Bear & Baby BearCLICK HERE TO GO TO THE VOTING PAGE

Voting is on from now till January 9, 2015.

Thank you! 🙂

UPDATE [January 5, 2015]: Some of you suggested that I need to add a “How to Vote” section here since quite a few of the votes cast yesterday went unregistered. 😦

So how did that happen? Some of you wanted me to win so badly, you ‘voted’ only for my design (you guys are so sweet!)! But for your vote to qualify, you need to select five of your favorite designs. Only then are your votes registered.

So, this is how you vote:
1. Click on the heart button on 5 of your favorite designs. Like I said earlier, you need to select 5 designs; any less and your vote will not qualify.

2. On the pop-up screen, enter your name and email address and click on the Submit button.

That’s it. Easy peasy! 😀


36 thoughts on “Papa Bear, Mama Bear & Baby Bear

  1. Cynthia Rhodes says:

    Hi my friend, Serah. Sorry I haven’t written in a long time. The days just seem to get past me and December has not been a good month for me. But your new bear family made my smile and laugh so thanks for the uplift of my spirits. It is very cold here and have very little sun so that adds to feeling bad. Keep up the with great ideas. I hope life and your job and your family is calming down a little. I will look forward to your nest creation!


  2. Amy Davis says:

    What a lovely little family! Of course I voted for them! I love to see these contests and check out all of the designers’ ideas. How inspiring!

      • Tales of Twisted Fibers says:

        What! We didn’t win? 😉 Sucks to be us, right? 😛 But seriously, the winning entries were really good and they deserved to win. My only surprise was not seeing StuffTheBody’s entry in the top three. So many amazing designs; must have been a tough choice for the voters. It was a fun contest and I’m glad we participated. 🙂

  3. Roxie says:

    I voted for you! No doubt the Polar bear family should win! I really love your work and the patterns, you do an awesome job. Thank you for sharing with us all, love the blog too.

  4. Jane says:

    I did love your 3 bears ~ they are darling and thought they should have won 1st ++ prize. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you my feedback much sooner. I was able to vote for them ~ I just hope I did it correctly. I too found it a confusing matter. Thank you for all the darling work you do and share with us and for clearing up the voting procedure. I have it for next time.

  5. mellies101 says:

    Your bears are adorable and I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to vote for them. Will you be selling the pattern please? I have a 3 year old old Goldilocks obsessed with the 3 bears. 🙂

    • Tales of Twisted Fibers says:

      I’m so glad you like them. Thanks so much. 🙂 I’m happy to tell you these bears will be a part of an amigurumi book scheduled to be released later this year. I’ll post an announcement on this blog as soon as it happens. In the meantime, may I suggest you check out the “Free Patterns” section of this blog? I have a few free bear patterns there. Hopefully little Goldilocks will take a fancy to one of them. 🙂

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