I’m normally not the kind of person to take screenshots of the emails I receive and post them online. No, sir, I don’t do that—normally. Today, I’m going to toss all email etiquette to the wind and share with you an email that I received from The Toy Design Served Curatorial Team. Why? Because it’s such a happy email and I want to share my happiness with you 🙂 notification-mail-from-Behance.netCan you believe it? My work— the amigurumi designs for Cookie, Bikkie & the Minion Boy—has been featured on freakin’ Toy Design Served! Yay! 😀 FeaturedFor those who don’t know, Toy Design Served is a curated gallery powered by Behance, that features “top creative work in the toy collectibles category”. toy-design-gallery Featured-pageI know many of you have already met Cookie and Bikkie, the naughty twins. But if you are new here, you can click on this link to read all about their silly antics. Once you are acquainted with the twins, you can download the free pattern for Cookie here.

Thanks for reading, sharing and supporting my designs. You guys are the best 😀

23 thoughts on “Featured!

  1. jujuhooks says:

    Congratulation, I’m pleased for you its so nice to have your work appreciated and what a lovely email to receive. Well done love your work happy hooking luv jujus

  2. amigurumibb says:

    I am sooo happy for you Serah! I told you so many times you will make it! 😀
    I am sure it is just a start.
    Congratulations on this one and wishing you many more of such mails in the future

  3. Cynthia says:

    Love your work. Back in January there was a vote on the Papa,Mama & Baby Bears. I have been waiting for the release of pattern I am gathering is a set. Have you released the pattern? If so where can I find it.



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