Ready, Set…..VOTE!

I just voted for Gregory “Mad Man Knitting” Patrick in the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia 2013 “American Made Audience Choice Award”! And you should too. Why? Because this dude and his handknit teddy bears are freakin’ amazing 🙂

Ready, Set…..VOTE!.


5 thoughts on “Ready, Set…..VOTE!

  1. amigurumibb says:

    For some reason couldn’t open comments to leave one for Teddy Bear, so scrolled here 🙂 Teddy is super cute! Love these little key chains! Wonderful! Even could download the pattern without any problems! 😀
    Thank you dear for brighting my day!

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Thank you. I’m super stroked you liked those tiny teddy bears.

      My blog’s been acting weird today. I’ve been told the link provided in new post email notification does not lead to this particular post. And now the comment issue! Dropbox, which I use for uploading my patterns, also refused to cooperate, forcing me to use But I’m glad to hear download was not a problem at your end. Yay! At least something is working 😀

      • amigurumibb says:

        Yes had an issue with connecting to the page through e-mail notification I received….but thought it was me (as I ALWAYS have some issues with internet or computer) 😀 But glad download went smooth .. haha
        thanks once again!

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