The Yarn Loving Pirate

Does this floppy eared pirate look familiar to you? No?

Well then, does this picture ring any bells? Those of you who answered in the affirmative, please feel free to pat yourself on the back 😛 Isn’t he is a deadringer for our inimitable Captain (read all about him here), the ruler of the high seas? Well, what do you know—he is Jack, our very own Captain’s little brother.

Even though they may look—and dress—alike, they have very different personalities. The Captain, as you know, loves his ship and his rum. He is, what you would call, your typical seafaring bunny.

Jack, on the other hand, is neither interested in drinking nor in chasing pretty lady bunnies.

In his free time, he quietly goes into his crafting space and works with needles and yarn.

Lovely fella, isn’t he!

[Pattern Link]


The DIY Dreamer
My Merry Messy Life

11 thoughts on “The Yarn Loving Pirate

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Thank you 😀 It is a Debi Birkin design; I know it looks a bit complicated but it”s a very easy to knit pattern. May be you should give knitting a try, it’s very easy to pick up and can be quite addictive too 🙂

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