Chronicle This!

A quick shout-out to the lovely folks at CraftFoxes, something that’s been long overdue. Craftfoxes, a social network for crafters, recently held a Get Crafty with Chronicle Photo Contest where the members were encouraged to upload photos of any knitting/crochet/sewing related projects they had completed. As usual, I acted like an eager beaver and uploaded five project photos, the maximum number of times one was allowed to enter 😀 And guess what, I won a book!  I may not have won the grand prize (books worth $100 of winner’s choice —can you believe it!) but I effing won a runner up prize. Yippie!

This is the book I won!

Not only that, these lovely and amazing people also featured my projects on their blog and shared my Secret Agent Bubu-the Bear project with their twitter followers! I just love these folks 😀

I know I’m gushing and I’m sure blogging etiquette prescribes putting an immediate stop to your writing as soon as you realize you can’t stop hitting the exclamation key. So I’ll stop my clacking and let Jack, our young swashbuckling raider of the high seas (and of craft room supplies) do the talking. Over to you, Mister Jack. Crafty-Hand-Knitted Pirate

  1. Look at what the CraftFoxes have sent me (well technically, it’s not for me but a crafty bunny can dream, can’t he!)—this amazing book on sewing. Just the perfect thing to help me get started on this almost unused sewing machine.
  2. I’ve already got my sewing machine out
  3. Now all I need to do is learn everything this book has to teach me
  4. Oww… all that reading has given me a headache!
  5. I need some stress buster. So what shall it be…
  6. Knitting?
  7. Or beading?

While Mister Jack makes up his mind on his next project, how about we head over to CraftFoxes’ site and check out all the amazing projects shared by its members? Now that sounds like an excellent idea, doesn’t it? 😀


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