The Girl Who Kicked the Mice’s Butts

Who says a girl can’t go topless! Especially when her pants are so HUGE they go right over her chest 😉 Another knitted toy project that didn’t go quite as planned (original pattern here) but even so I like this one beary much 😀

A Day in the Life of Agent Bubu-the Bear (in her own words)Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Bear, Bubu-the Bear (no, not Bear Grylls!). I’m the double-O-seven of all hand knitted bears. It is of utmost importance that whatever I tell you today, you are not to breathe a word of it to anyone.

I’m on a secret mission to save this little patch of greenery in my employer’s balcony garden that is under attack from the mice mafia. They intend to take over this garden, chew up everything green in sight, and turn it into a poop-yard. They know they have very sharp teeth, they know they have the numbers, they know these humans can’t do much to get rid of them. What they don’t know is I’m in charge now.I lay in wait, hidden by the canopy of leaves, waiting for them to come. Come, they will, but they don’t know what’s in store for them.

As soon as they approach the area, I slide down the leaves and swoop on them like an eagle.

The only problem is sometimes all that sliding and swooping lands you right in the middle of thorns. Ouch! I guess that’s the downside of being a secret agent, things tend to get a bit rough (and prickly) sometimes.

Back when I was this high, I didn’t like getting hurt. And I definitely didn’t like getting pricked by stupid thorns. But now I’m all grown up and big girls don’t cry. They just get the job done.

And yeah, like I said, I kicked the mice’s butts. I kicked them so hard, they begged for mercy and went scurrying back to wherever they came from. And so here I am, back to enjoying this lazy February sun. Ah… I love winter sun 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Girl Who Kicked the Mice’s Butts

  1. anryms says:

    haha “bau ko coat” reminds me of vintage dolls !!! why dont you knit them…they would look so pretty 🙂 but agent bubu looks cool with her huge pants 🙂

  2. says:

    This is exactly the third article, of yours I actually browsed.
    However , I actually like this 1, “The Girl Who Kicked the Mice’s Butts Tales of
    Twisted Fibers” the very best. Thanks ,Celsa

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