Update: The Amigurumi Gurkha’s Daughter

Guess what, folks! “The Gurkha’s Daughter” amigurumi fan art I had blogged about in my post last week is currently basking in the reflected glory of its author, Prajwal Parajuly 😀 This is what Quercus, the book’s publisher, has to say about the crocheted little wonder: quercus_twitter_fanartFabulous piece of crochet fan art from the Gurkha’s Daughter, the new collection of stories by @prajwalparajuly!”Quercus Books on twitter

quercus_pinterest_fanartBrilliant doll depicting crochet fan art from the Gurkha’s Daughter by Prajwal Parajuly.” – Quercus Books on Pinterest

And what does the author himself think about the fan art? This is what Prajwal Parajuly—Quercus’ youngest author and the youngest Indian ever to sign an international book contract—says on his Facebook pageauthor_fanart

Thank you, Prajwal, for the delightful read and for the inspiration 🙂


7 thoughts on “Update: The Amigurumi Gurkha’s Daughter

  1. Iona says:

    U truly generated a number of excellent ideas within ur post, “Update:
    The Amigurumi Gurkha’s Daughter | Tales of Twisted Fibers” rugz .
    I may possibly be returning to your web page in the near future.
    Thanks a lot -Kieran

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