After the Rain

Be for me, like rain,
the getting out
of the tiredness, the fatuousness, the semi-
lust of intentional indifference.
Be wet
with a decent happiness.

-The Rain by Robert Creeley

I love how everything looks after a rain.

Raindrops on avocado leaves

An assortment of happy plants outside on our balcony

The first bloom of Lilium…

…which was brought indoors to brighten up our dining room

Juicy succulents that tempt me to sink my teeth into them

Freshly picked tomatoes from our ‘balcony garden’

And an amazing view of the misty hills we get to enjoy from our dining room

Ah, this is bliss!


16 thoughts on “After the Rain

  1. twinkletoes2day says:

    OMGoodness you lucky lucky girl!! 😀 What an incredible view you have!! :D:D Can I ask where that is? 🙂
    Awesome poem you shared – thanks 🙂 Beautiful lily 🙂
    Love that dingly-dangly succulent, what’s it called? I had my first tomato the other day 😀 Can’t beat em eh? 😉
    Pity you’re still being plagued by spammers 😦 Can’t wordpress help?
    Hope you’re having a Super Sunday 😀 x

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Would you believe me if I told you I grew up in a place where I’d get to see Mount Khangchendzonga (or Kanchenjunga, as it is spelt here in Nepal) – the third highest peak in the world — right from my bedroom window! Sorry for being such a show-off; I just couldn’t help it 😛 I’m not sure what those cloud covered hills are called but the hillocks in the foreground (visible in the last pic), that’s the Chobar Gorge in Kathmandu valley. Lovely place; only the river running through it stinks big time (not kidding!), thanks to the country’s almost non-existent waste management system 😦 Thankfully, tomatoes seem to grow very well around these parts 😉 Yup, they are definitely juicier and tastier, way better than the store bought variety. Couldn’t agree more with you there 😀

      Google tells me those dingly-dangly succulent plants are called Senecio radicans (yes, I had no idea what they’re called until now, so thanks for asking :D). I’ve learnt they are also commonly known as Fish Hook, String of Bananas or Necklace Plant; very easy to grow and hardy – just like the spammers 😉

      • twinkletoes2day says:

        Wow, I’m impressed! 😀 Didn’t realise we were so far apart 😉 Silly I know, but I always am in awe of how amazing technology is 🙂 I think I must be a soul from a hundred years ago, haha 😀
        And indeed we have light bulbs too :D:D:D (just showing I realise how ridiculous my last bit was)
        The ‘common’ names for that succulent are very apt 🙂 I used to have a lot of succulents in my garden rockery, very adaptive plants, and yes, hardy. They coped with my neglect very well 😉 – oh yes, just like the spammers 😉

  2. Twisted Fibers says:

    @twinkletoes2day – Oh, but we do have light bulbs too! Really, you must believe me, Mo! The only problem is, half the time there’s no ‘light’ in the bulb (again, not kidding!). While the rest of the world observes ‘Earth Hour’ once a year, here in Nepal, we observe government imposed ‘Earth Hours’ every single day 😛 Quite resource friendly, aren’t we? 😉

    • twinkletoes2day says:

      Whatever the reasons for that are, it would do the rest of the world good to do that too imo! Imagine the energy/resource savings it would reap! Imagine also the beautiful (inadequate word here) visions of the night sky that could be seen. Bliss! *sigh* 😉

      • Twisted Fibers says:

        Mo, I really don’t think the rest of the world will like it very much if they were expected to bear 14 hours of power cut a day 😉 Yup, true story. For years, the Nepal government has failed to meet the ever increasing demand for energy and instead resorted to ‘shedding load’ by cutting off power supply for a number of hours per day. During ‘dry’ seasons, the power cut can go up to 18 hours a day. Earlier this year in January, it was 14 hours. Currently, the number has come down to 6 hours per day. Not a very blissful state, huh? 😛 But don’t let that scare you away; it’s still a beautiful country, albeit slightly ‘powerless’ 😀

      • twinkletoes2day says:

        The things one can learn if one chooses to ask 😉 I don’t know your circumstances, but I do admire your fortitude and that of your fellow countrymen/women/persons 😉

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