Like Music to His Back…

P keeps reminding me how lucky I am to be married to a guy who encourages me to pursue my hobbies. As much as I would like to thumb my nose and wiggle my fingers at him, I have no choice but to agree with him. I mean how many guys you know will, without a word of complaint, agree to go to the yarn shop with you and wait patiently while you go delirious over the choice of yarns and their colors? And how many of them will actually help you hand-wind a skein of yarn into a ball—a tedious and tiring affair even for the die-hard knitter— with minimal amount of cribbing? I happen to know just the guy and luckily I happen to be married to him 😀

Two weeks back, I was painstakingly hand sewing a circular cushion form when P said he wanted to buy me a sewing machine. I told him I don’t know the first thing about sewing machines and hence didn’t need one. But when someone is hell-bent on buying you something and won’t take no for an answer, all you can do is play along and let them part with the money they’ve been itching to spend. So we went and bought a sewing machine the other day!

Today, after roughly 15 minutes of learning to thread the machine and sew straight, I dived headlong into my first sewing project and made this 14”X14” cushion form and striped pale blue cover for P’s office chair.

Not the best job in the world, I know, but this was exactly the second time I’d been anywhere near a sewing machine. The first time was three days ago at the sewing machine store (Jenish Sewing Machine Traders at Tebahal) where P had unwittingly announced to anyone within hearing range that I knew zilch about using a sewing machine (whereupon I mentally grabbed a pair of scissors from the closest shelf and stabbed him with it—repeatedly—in short, swift movements)! This had resulted in (1) me going red in the face, (2) the shop owner’s son being summoned for a quick demo.

After one look at my blank face, the son promptly turned the demo into an impromptu 15-minute crash course in Sewing 101 (where I had to actually get my hands on the machine and prove to him that I had grasped whatever he’d taught me)!  As much as I tried to sew in a straight line, the result was pretty much similar to what would happen if, after a “couple” of drinks, you had to walk on a straight line in front of the traffic cops! I have a feeling my self-appointed sewing instructor mentally gave me an “F” in sewing 😦

So keeping in mind this is only my second encounter with the sewing machine (with no instruction/pattern to guide me), I’d say “not a bad job” 😀

And while we are still on the topic of cushions, I’d like you to meet the vinyl record cushion (Pattern here) I’d crocheted for P last week. I thought a record shaped cushion would be like music to his back 😉

“Why so many cushions for P?” you ask? Well, that’s because we work from home. And while there are many benefits of working from home (not having fixed office hours, not getting stuck in the rush hour traffic, and the freedom to work in your PJs definitely top the list), there are times when your clients are so convinced you have superpowers that they insist you achieve a week’s worth of work in two days’ time! That basically translates to long hours in front of the computer screen, at which point your back threatens to quit! Hence, the cushions 😀


6 thoughts on “Like Music to His Back…

  1. Lany says:

    Oooh I love the record cushion!
    And such neat work with the sewing machine!
    I’ve had my machine for a year (the other half also insisted on buying it for me)and I’m kind of scared of breaking it! :s
    What kind of material did you use for the sewn cushion?

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Hey Lany, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment 🙂 The record cushion turned out neat, didn’t it! 😀 Even I was initially reluctant to use the machine, so I know what you mean. Lol! The first time I tried my hands on it unsupervised, I managed to get the fabric stuck in the feed dog and pop out the pressure foot. So I guess until you break it, you’ll never know how not to break it 😉 Btw, I used 100% cotton for the cushion form (had read somewhere it’s the easiest fabric to work on) and a cotton-polyester mix for the cover. Good luck with your machine 🙂

      • Lany says:

        Thanks a million for replying! 😀
        Yeah totally get the fear and overcoming that fear is the first step!!
        Need to grab the bull by the horns and just give it a whirl~ it’s too true, don’t know how to break it until you break it!

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