Year One

March 5th is a very special day for me. My parents said their I Do’s on this day many decades ago. Two years ago, P and I were engaged on this day. And last year, again on this very day, P and I made a promise to each other “to have and to hold, from this day forward… until death do us part”.

So, yes, tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary 😀 And to mark the occasion, we have here with us the knitted versions of us on our wedding day.

The bride and groom is an adaptation of this Alan Dart pattern.

The original Alan Dart pattern vs my pattern

I made a few quick changes to the original pattern to make it look more like us. The bride’s chignon is replaced by a half-up half-down hairdo, which was what I wore on our big day.

The groom’s sleek, side parted hair also had to go to make way for P’s ponytailed hair. P says his doll looks more like Vincent Vega (John Travolta’s character in Pulp Fiction) than him. The way I interpret it, I think he’s pretty flattered 😉

My groom wore a dark navy suit on our wedding. So Alan Dart’s color scheme had to go. There was one more change I had to make—the bride’s bust, which the original pattern lacked—since I could not imagine myself in this size zero bust avatar. Besides, on our big day, there were quite a few complaints about the bride showing a bit too much cleavage! So take that, you grouchy old bums! Here’s some more knitted cleavage for you 😛

Ours was a White Wedding. And like all weddings, ours was crazy too. So crazy that we ended up eating a chocolate cake during the cake cutting ceremony, thanks to whoever that was responsible for this mess! Though I have to admit, the mess was delicious 😀 So I decided to right this wrong this time and crocheted a tiny white cake (as opposed to Dart’s 8” knitted cake) on which our knitted miniatures stand 🙂

Tomorrow will be a day for us to remember and be glad to have survived all the craziness surrounding a wedding—not to mention staying alive in a white wedding gown and painful high heels on a chilly March morning in Gangtok—and lived to tell the tale. Cheers!


8 thoughts on “Year One

  1. Jarina :) says:

    Woooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I love your version much much more than the original one. They look so much like you….v.v. cute indeed…. and to think my wedding got converted into a comic book instead of knitted version…hmmmm…:P anyways…congratulations you two….love and blessings….

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Thank you, Jarina 🙂 The knitting was done in a jiffy but putting those tiny pieces together took an entire evening. On the other hand, your limited edition comic book took many many days (and a lot of imagination) to complete 😀 I mean not everyone can boast of having a special comic book made on their wedding now, can they? 😉

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