Handknit Superheroes

I was pretty sure positive I wanted my first post of the spanking new 2012 to be a craft related one—one that I had painstakingly made myself and one which I was proud of—and not a post that would automatically qualify for the blah-blah category. But when I stumbled upon an old magazine article on Handknit Heroes it was not that hard to change my mind 😀

Handknit Heroes is (from what I’ve read) a comic book series for knitters(!) and centers around the adventures of a bunch of teenage superheroes with some serious knitting skills. Corny? Yup. Would I buy it if I came across it in stores? Hell yeah! 😀 After all, it combines two of the things I really like, comic books and knitting. I wouldn’t mind checking out at least the first issue and then decide if I’d want to continue buying it. The only problem is Kathmandu doesn’t have any comic book stores. Besides, I’m too much of a cheapskate to pay $30 (NRs 2555.70) for four paperback issues (apparently, you need to order all four issues together!) and probably another 30 plus bucks in shipping charges/VAT/customs/and-what-not taxes. That, sir/madam, would hike your grand total to over NRs 5100! And as you must have already figured out by now, I won’t be visiting the Harilo office anytime soon on a comic book related business 😉

In other ‘superheroes in handknit gear’ news, Mark Newport, a US-based artist, has come up with an idea that will solve a persistent problem all spandex-clad superheroes face during winter—hypothermia! Newport’s life-size superhero jumpers—all hand-knit—has the potential to save our high flying superheroes from frostbite because sometimes wearing a brief over your pants is just not enough.

So if you are a superhero shivering in your spandex underoos, you know who to contact now 😉


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