We wish you a Merry Christmas

We decorated our tree the other day. Apart from the ornaments we’d bought last year, the other ornaments on the tree are the ones I knitted myself. We wanted not to give in to the Christmas time consumerism—well, at least not 100%—and keep our carbon footprint low. They may not be as cute and shiny as the ones you find at the supermarket but they sure are very light on the conscience (and on the wallet as well) 🙂

Crappy photos, I know. Sorry! 😐

And under the tree we placed the gift boxes 🙂

Remember Barry, the knitted mouse, from my last post? Well, he’s made two new friends who are currently hanging out with him on our DIY wreaths. 

I’ve never managed to knit a bird. Every time I try and knit one, something or the other goes wrong. I tried again this time and guess what—it turned out crappy again. But hey, what the what! Here goes nothing.

And here’s another wreath made of cardboard boxes, ribbons and knitted roses. Definitely not my brightest moment craft-wise but it is light enough to be hung from our dining room arch doorway and won’t hospitalize anyone in case it slips off its hanger and lands on someone’s head 😀

I’d promised earlier I’d continue with my Barry state of mind and knit more mice (with wings, no less). Well, here they are—hanging from the kitchen arch doorway!

No Christmas is complete without stockings. So I decided I’d not only make the stockings (even though I suck at sewing!) but also knit up some stocking stuffers. And TADA! Here they are!

I hope you had as much fun going through the photos as P and I had while decorating our home. Have a Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “We wish you a Merry Christmas

  1. Sarah says:

    I just love the bunnies in the stockings! And the long legged mice on the wreath. Amazing! Where can I find patterns for these? I am useless at freestyle knitting! Thank you 🙂

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