Hello. My name is Barry.

Don’t ask me why but lately I have developed some sort of a mouse fixation. No, not the one that comes with a desktop computer but the kind that sneaks into your house and eats your cheese. It all started a few weeks ago when I dug out Dinner for Schmucks from our DVD stash and popped it in the DVD player. Remember Barry (Steve Carell’s character in the movie) who is obsessed with constructing mouse dioramas? You don’t? Well, this Dinner for Schmucks Featurette might just help you refresh your memory.

Well, my point is, I fear I’m turning into Barry! Since watching that movie, all I can think about is making cute little mice ornaments for Christmas—mouse angel, mouse reindeer (go figure!), mouse Santa Claus. I even considered making a Nativity diorama consisting of Baby Jesus mouse, Mary mouse, Joseph mouse, shepherd mice— you get the drift—but gave up on the idea because that would just take way too much time. So I compromised and made this instead. Meet Mister Barry.

Mister Barry holding a cupcake and sitting quite Zen-like on a stack of mini Christmas wreaths

Mister Barry meditating next to a mini Christmas tree

Mister Barry surrounded by Christmas Trees. By the way, these Christmas trees are super easy to make… (see link to pattern below)

… and so is this tiny wreath (see link to pattern below)

Mister Barry has long dangling arms and legs which freaks out P quite a bit. That’s why I’m planning on knitting a few more ‘Barry’s to wish him a Micey Christmas {insert evil grin here}. I’m currently working on another project that involves mice and wings (told you, I’m fixated). If they turn out well, you’ll see them here soon 🙂

Pattern for the wreath here. Pattern for little Christmas tree here.


4 thoughts on “Hello. My name is Barry.

  1. Jarina :) says:

    Kay majja aayoo…long dangling arm and legs freaked me out as well…when i read the text on my mail…i’d thought of Barry with short chubby legs…hmmmm to be honest I had not yet imagined his legs…but anyways those limbs kind of grow on you once you understand his total personality…meditation and yoga and all those stuff…

    I think we are just expecting the rest of him to be as cute as his face…:)

    Also loved the Christmas trees and Wreath…

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