It’s all about the feet

I remember a story my aunt told me when I was a kid. The story was about why peacocks screech the way they do. Once there was a peacock that knew the effect its blue-green iridescent color had on its beholders. And the bird was extremely proud of its plumage feathers that had multiple ‘eyes’ in it. In fact, so proud was the peacock of its beauty, it simply couldn’t resist fanning out its tail feathers at the slightest of opportunities.

Tired of the peacock’s ‘look at me’ attitude, other birds and animals in the forest decided it was time the haughty bird was put in its place. So can you guess how they did that? They asked the peacock to take a look at its own feet. When the proud bird lowered its gaze and caught a sight of its unsightly feet, it screeched in horror and ran away from the spot to hide his face in shame. That is why a peacock screeches every time it catches a glimpse of its feet. Or at least that’s what my aunt told me 😀

Every time I look at an artificial Christmas tree, I remember the peacock’s story—overdone top, ugly bottom.

We have a five feet tall, nice, bushy (for an artificial tree) Christmas tree at home that looks exactly like the one in the pic above. Sadly, it also suffers from the ‘peacock feet syndrome’ just like any other artificial Christmas tree. That’s why I’ve knitted this tree skirt for our Christmas tree.

Which also happens to be adorned with painstakingly made Holly berries and leaves.

A pretty solution to a hideous problem. No more ugly feet! 😀


5 thoughts on “It’s all about the feet

  1. instantlynoodles says:

    This reminds me a story that my mom used to tell. In college, in Birjung, her teachers would dress in their best suits, safari. But, for some strange reasons, insisted on wearing Bata flip-flops with it.

    I’m sure that, to her, it must have looked like a peacock: all dressed up and nowhere to go 😛

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