After the 18 September earthquake in Sikkim, I was not in a mood to post anything on this blog. The earthquake has ravaged my homeland and left my people devastated. All I could see, hear and think of were those images of doom and gloom—until this evening when P asked me to look out of the window. And this is what I saw.

A double rainbow!

Until now, I was angry. Angry that the disaster was being treated as nothing more than a photo op by the VVIPs from New Delhi who thought nothing of engaging the much needed choppers for their little junkets and obstructing relief work being carried out by the army and civilians. Angry that the powers that be at the local level were concerned more with retaining Sikkim’s ‘model state’ image and rolling out the red carpet for these VVIPs, while the time, energy and resources used in this exercise could have been diverted where it is urgently needed. Angry at my own inability to be physically present there and do my bit to help those who have barely escaped with their lives.

Somehow this rainbow soothed me.

It reminded me of these wonderful people behind the September18ReliefFund who are devoting their time, resources and expertise to help the quake victims. Irrespective of their caste, religion or place of origin, they are working as one to help those who need our help. In the process, they are inspiring people like me to help make a difference—regardless of where we are.

If you are reading this, please visit their Facebook page to see what they are doing. If you feel they are doing a commendable job, please lend them a hand and spread the word. Sikkim needs you.


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