Snow Invasion

I’d warned you about the possibilities of a snowmen invasion; I’d warned you they were coming. You just didn’t take me seriously, did you? 😉

Knitting snowmen in all shapes and sizes is my current OCD and I’m not ashamed to say it. And since I’m big on this gender equality thingy, I thought “Hey, it’s about time snowwoman stopped making ice blocks and came out of her igloo”. So, ladies and gentlemen who knit, I give you “KongChen”, the snowwoman.

KongChen, meaning ‘big stone’, is a Lepcha name for Mount Khangchendzonga. According to Lepcha folklore, Mother Creator Itbumoo fashioned the first Lepcha man and woman from the snow of this sacred mountain that is regarded by the Sikkimese as their guardian deity till this day.

With the addition of KongChen to the snow family, our snowman here can now finally change his Facebook relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ 😀


6 thoughts on “Snow Invasion

    • Twisted Fibers says:

      Thank you, saathi 🙂 Tara, even though I talked big about making an army of these, the headcount hasn’t gone up so far. Got sidetracked by that ‘hands that heal’ project, which eventually turned out to be a dud (will tell you why when we meet). Btw, I’m seriously beginning to wonder if my blog makes you suicidal because every time you drop by, you start your comment with “mori sakey” 😛

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